language of art and its relevance in everyday life. CODE A

ART 101 Art Workshop I, 3 hours (0-3-0) This course provides an art experience for both non-art and art majors who are interested in a variety of art projects concerned with community or college related activities. Emphasis is placed on the organization of ideas in advancing their creative process. Upon completion, students should be able to present visual evidence of the activities involved and explain how the experience advanced their artistic skills. CODE C (0-3-0) This course provides the opportunity to develop perceptual and technical skills in a variety of media. Emphasis is placed on communication through experimenting with composition, subject matter and technique. CODE B ART 113 Drawing, 3 hours

ART 114 Drawing II, 3 hours


Prerequisite: Art 113 This course advances the students drawing skills in various art media. Emphasis is placed on communication through experimentation, composition, technique and personal expression. CODE B (0-3-0) This course introduces the basic concepts of two-dimensional design. Topics include the ele- ments of art and principles of design with emphasis on the arrangements and relationships among them. CODE B ART 121 Two Dimensional Composition I, 3 hours

ART 122 Two Dimensional Composition II, 3 hours


Prerequisite: Art 121 This course covers the theories and practice of composing two-dimensional images. Emphasis is placed on the relation between the basic elements and principles of design and their impact on the visual message. CODE B

ART 127 Three Dimensional Composition, 3 hours


Prerequisite: ART 113 or ART 121 This course introduces art materials and principles of design that acquaint the beginner with the fundamentals of three-dimensional art. Emphasis is placed on the use of art fundamentals and the creative exploration of materials in constructing three-dimensional artworks. CODE B (0-3-0) This course is designed to enhance the student’s ability to produce an advanced level of computer generated graphics. Emphasis is on the application of original design to practical problems using a variety of hardware and software. Upon completion, students should have an understanding of professional computer graphics. CODE C ART 222 Computer Graphics II, 3 hours

ART 233 Painting I, 3 hours


Prerequisite: ART 113, or ART 121, or permission of instructor


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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