AUM 162 Electrical and Electronic Systems, 3 hours (1-4-0) This is an intermediate course in automotive electrical and electronic systems. Emphasis is placed on troubleshooting and repair of battery, starting, charging and lighting systems, subsystems, and components. CORE (0-6-0) These courses are designed to allow the student to specialize in a particular area of study with minimum instruction in automotive mechanics application and with evaluation at the instructor’s discretion. Emphasis is placed on a topic/project that the student is interested in and may include any automotive or related are in automotive mechanics. Upon completion, the student should be able to work with minimum instruction and execute the necessary techniques to finish a live work project of their choice. AUM 182 Special Topics, 2 hours AUM 220 Advanced Automotive Engines, 3 hours (1-4-0) This course provides in depth instruction concerning internal engine diagnosis, overhaul and repair, including but not necessarily limited to the replacement of timing chains, belts, and gears, as well as the replacement or reconditioning of valve train components as well as replacement of pistons, connecting rods, piston rings, lubrication system components, gaskets, and oil seals. (1-4-0) This course covers basic instruction in manual transmissions and transaxles. Emphasis is placed on the understanding and application of basic internal and external operation relating to the proper operation and drivability. AUM 224 Manual Transmission and Transaxle, 3 hours AUM 230 Automatic Transmission and Transaxle, 3 hours (1-4-0) This course provides basic instruction in automatic transmissions and transaxles. Emphasis is placed on the comprehension of principles and powerflow of automatic transmissions and repairing or replacing internal and external components. CORE (1-4-0) This course provides basic instruction in engine performance with emphasis on fuel and ignition systems relating to engine operation. AUM 239 Engine Performance, 3 hours AUM 244 Engine Performance and Diagnostics, 3 hours (1-4-0) This course provides advanced instruction in engine performance. Emphasis is placed on engine management and computer controls of ignition, fuel, and emissions systems relating to engine performance and drive ability. CORE (1-4-0) This is an introductory course in automotive emission systems. Emphasis is placed on trouble shooting and repair of systems, subsystems, and components. AUM246 Automotive Emissions, 3 hours AUM250 Hybrid & Electric Vehicles (1-4-0) This course is designed to meas ure a technician’s knowledge of the skills needed to diagnose both high and low voltage electrical/electronic problems, as well as other


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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