CAR 132 Interior and Exterior Finishing, 3 hours (1-6-0) This course introduces the student to interior and exterior finishing materials and techniques. Topics include interior trim of windows and doors, ceilings, and wall moldings, exterior sidings, trim work, painting and masonry finishes. Upon completion the students should be able to identify, describe the uses of, and install different types of doors, windows and moldings; identify and install the types of exterior sidings and trim, and describe the different types of paint and their proper application. (0-9-0) This course allows the student to plan, execute, and present results of individual projects in carpentry. Emphasis is placed on enhancing skill attainment in the carpentry field. This culminating course allows students to independently apply skills attained in previous courses. CAR 203 Special Projects in Carpentry, 3 hours CAR 230 Residential Repair and Remodeling, 3 hours (3-0-0) This course focuses on the methods used for a repair or remodeling project. Topics include design, estimation of materials, cost, time, manpower, and bid preparation. Upon completion the students should be able to demonstrate an ability to design a repair or remodeling project according to code, accurately quote materials, cost, time, and manpower requirements, and obtain all necessary permits for construction.

CAR 232 Construction Project Management, 3 hours


This course focuses on the basic information necessary for successfully managing a construction project. Topics include basic building blocks of scheduling, refining a schedule, communications, techniques for estimating time to complete projects, timely delivery of materials, appropriate manpower scheduling, and use of construction management software. Upon completion, students are expected to understand the meaning and purpose of project planning and management, use of a schedule in management, and be able to communicate and coordinate work activities. The students should also be able to develop a comprehensive estimate for the completion of a construction project.


CHM 104 Introduction to Chemistry I (3-3-0) This is a survey course of general chemistry for students who do not intend to major in science or engineering and may not be substituted for CHM 111. Lecture will emphasize the facts, principles, and theories of general chemistry including math operations, matter and energy, atomic structure, symbols and formulas, nomenclature, the periodic table, bonding concepts, equations, reactions, stoichiometry, gas laws, phases of matter, solutions, and acids and bases. Laboratory is required. CODE A

CHM 111 College Chemistry I, 4 hours


Prerequisite or Corequisite: MTH 112 or equivalent math placement score


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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