DNC 143 Ballet Technique, 3 hours (3-0-0) Intensive training in classical ballet for students intending to major in dance. Intermediate level technique is studied, emphasizing posture and placement. Students are evaluated on their ability to perform the work to the required standard. CODE C

DNC 144 Ballet Technique II, 3 hours


Prerequisite: DNC 143. A continuation of DNC 143. CODE C

DNC 160 Dance Workshop I, 1-2 hours (2-0-0) This course provides practical experience in the production and performance of a dance presentation, including sound, lighting, choreography, rehearsal, costuming, make-up and other aspects of dance presentation. CODE C

DNC 161 Dance Workshop II, 1-2 hours


Prerequisite: DNC 160 and/or instructor permission This course is a continuation of DNC 160. CODE C

DNC 234 Choreography I, 1-3 hours


Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Students are involved in individual and group choreographic projects in which musical and spatial elements are explored. CODE C (3-0-0) Prerequisite: DNC 143. Ballet technique at advanced level emphasizing performance quality, musicality, and classical style. CODE C DNC 243 Ballet Techniques III, 3 hours

DNC 244 Ballet Techniques IV, 3 hours


Prerequisite 244. A continuation of DNC 243. CODE C


DMS 202 Foundations of Sonography, 3 hours


Prerequisite: As required by program This course provides the student with concepts of the history and development of sonography in medical imaging, patient care, medical ethics and law, cultural diversity, and medical terminology used in the practice of sonography. Emphasis in theory and lab in placed on patient assessment and considerations of physical and psychological conditions in both routine and emergency situations. Upon completion, students will demonstrate an understanding of concepts, as well as demonstrate/explain patient care procedures appropriate to setting and situation while using medical terminology. This is a CORE course.

DMS 204 Sectional Anatomy, 2 hours


Prerequisite : As required by program This course is a study in gross and sectional anatomy and physiology of the human body and the correlation of that anatomy to sonographic, computed tomography and magnetic


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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