6. Students must meet all applicable pre-requisites prior to enrolling in courses. 7. Students who meet the criteria for initial admission for a Dual Enrollment for Dual Credit program will maintain continuous eligibility so long as they earn a grade of C or better in all attempted college courses. Students who fail to meet this minimum grade requirement or who withdrew from a course will be suspended from the program for a minimum of one term. The one-term suspension may not be served during the summer. The student may not re-enroll until the suspension has been served. For re-entry, the student must reapply to the program and must meet the minimum 2.5 unweighted grade point average requirement. Students enrolled in courses offered during the normal high school day on or off the high school campus shall have pr ior permission of the students’ princi pal, superintendent, and LBWCC president. Parental permission and travel for courses offered off the high school campus during the normal school day will be administered under the auspices of local boards of education.

NOTE: The College will report grades for dual enrollment courses to high school officials.

Course Eligibility

Courses offered shall be drawn from the College’s existing academic inventory of courses offered for credit. Courses numbered below 100 courses are not eligible for dual enrollment/dual credit. This includes developmental co-requisite courses which are required to be taken along with college- level English and math courses. Only courses required in the student’s program of study will be eligible for Dual Enrollment for Dural Credit. Students may not audit courses under the terms of this policy (Policy 801.03). Eligible high school students are permitted to enroll in college courses conducted during school hours, after school hours, and during summer terms. The College reserves the right to cancel course offerings when courses do not meet minimum enrollment requirements.

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Agreement

Participating local boards of education and postsecondary institutions shall develop a Dual Enroll- ment/Dual Credit Agreement that includes but is not limited to the following: A. Approval of the particular courses to be offered and the high school equivalency for each course shall be determined through the mutual agreement of the participating postsecondary institution(s) and the participating local board of education. Courses must be of Postsecondary level. B. Dual Credit/ Dual Enrollment instructors shall be faculty of the College. A high school teacher employed to teach in dual credit/dual enrollment will be designated as an adjunct faculty member of the College and therefore must meet the credentialing requirements of the Alabama Community College System and other accrediting agencies. Faculty must be under the ultimate control and supervision of the College for Dual Enrollment classes. The College must provide for faculty orientation, supervision, and evaluation. Documentation of appropriate instructor credentials which meet or exceed accrediting agencies must be on file at the College. C. College faculty credential shall be provided to the local school board of education as needed to meet credential standards of accrediting agencies.


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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