school career technical administrators and career technical instructors. Statewide articulation agreements are revised as needed by the Alabama Community College System and State Department of Education. Students completing the quality assurance criteria outlined below will receive articulated credit to the Alabama College System institution of their choice offering the corresponding program of study. Performance or knowledge testing of secondary program graduates is not required as part of the articulation process.

Course Articulation Quality Assurance Criteria:

1. A current Statewide Career/Technical Education Course Articulation Agreement (the “articulation agreement”) is in effect for the postsecondary course for which articulation credit is sought. 2. The secondary courses applicable to the articulation agreement are certified under the Alabama State Department of Education Business and Industry Certification (BIC) standards. 3. Teachers of the secondary courses for which articulation credit is sought were certified by the Alabama State Board of Education to teach those courses at the time the student passed the course(s), and meet instructor qualifications established by the Alabama State Board of Education for postsecondary instructors of the collegiate course(s) in which articulated credit is requested. 4. The student must have earned a letter g rade of “B” (3.0 on a 4.0 scale ) or higher in the secondary course(s) for which articulation is being sought. 5. The student must be admitted to the College from which articulation credit is granted. 6. Colleges may grant articulated credit for courses not within the student’s declared program of study. 7. Articulation credit must be requested by the student no later than 16 months of high school graduation. 8. Coursework completed in grades 10 through 12 is eligible for articulated credit. 9. Articulation credit is not available in postsecondary courses if granting such credit violates policies or regulations of licensure agencies or regulatory boards. 10. The secondary teacher or Career/Tech Administrator is authorized to provide certification signatures.


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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