Students Not Attending Public School

This policy and these guidelines are also intended to apply to students who are not attending public school, but who are enrolled in private school or church school pursuant to Section 16-28- 1 of the Code of Alabama, or who are receiving instruction from a private tutor pursuant to Section 16-28-5 of the Code of Alabama. Student eligibility should be certified by the appropriate official at the private school or church school or by the private tutor. Postsecondary institutions and participating private schools, church schools, or private tutors should develop a dual enrollment/dual credit agreement.

Non-Credit Students

An applicant enrolling exclusively in non-credit courses may be granted admission, and will be exempt from filing any of the documents, transcripts, and related materials as specified above.

Audit Students

Auditors are students who register for credit courses on essentially a non-credit basis. The College requires complete academic records for any applicant. Classes completed under the audit classification will under no circumstance be applied to a student’s degree program. Student will not receive punitive grades, but will receive an AU for Audit. Tuition and fees for courses audited are the same as those for courses taken for credit. Intention to audit must be declared by the end of the registration period and may not be changed thereafter. Grades of Auditors are recorded in the permanent records to indicate that the student has successfully completed the course.

Senior Citizens

Persons sixty (60) years of age or older may be eligible for a tuition waiver if they qualify for the Senior Adult Scholarship Program. Applicants must meet the following conditions: 1. They must comply with the College admission standards as noted earlier in this catalog under Admission, First-time Students; Admission, Transfer Student; or Former Students applying for readmission. 2. Must be Alabama residents. 3. Must be sixty (60) years of age or older. 4. Students must enroll for credit; non-credit enrollment is not allowed. Senior citizens granted a tuition waiver under the Senior Adult Scholarship Program may receive the waiver only one time per course. Any time a senior citizen repeats a course the student is responsible for the cost of tuition and fees. NOTE: Senior citizen course enrollment under the Senior Adult Scholarship Program is restricted to a space available basis. A course will not be expanded beyond the optimal number to accommodate the enrollment of a senior citizen attending under the Senior Adult Scholarship


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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