6-8 1-5

Less than Half-Time

Certificate Programs – A student must register for an appropriate number of credit hours and contact hours in order to qualify as outlined:

Enrollment Status

Required Title IV Hours



Three Quarter Time



6-8 1-5

Less than Half-Time

Financial Aid Eligibility – The amount of money a student may receive through the Federal Pell Grant and other financial assistance programs is determined by the enrollment status or number of credit hours or contact hours for which a student registers each term. Only classes that are required for the student’s program of study will count toward the enrollment status. Credit hours are used to measure the enrollment status of a student who is enrolled in a program of study which is at least two years in length and offers an associate degree, or each course within the program is acceptable for full credit toward an associate degree. Contact hours are used to measure those programs which do not meet these requirements. Determination of Enrollment Status – financial aid enrollment status (full-time, three-quarter time, half-time and less than half-time) will be adjusted for students who adjust (add/drop/withdraw) their schedule prior to the Pell Recalculation Date. The published Pell Recalculation Date (PRD) will the day after full-term drop/add is over each semester. (Example: Student is registered in 12 hours the first day of class and drops one 3 hour course before the last day of drop add. The student’s financial aid status will be calculated on 9 hours). If students wish to register for a mini term course(s) the student must be registered in all classes at the beginning of the semester, prior to the PRD. If the student adds a class after the PRD, their aid will not be adjusted to include that course(s). However, a student’s financial aid will be adjusted if a student is dropped from a course for non-attendance during attendance verification and is re-enrolled.

Pell Grant Percentage of Award based on Enrollment Status:

Full- Time

Three Quarter-Time

Half- Time

Less than Half-Time

100 % Pell

75% Pell

50 % Pell

25 % or less Pell

Institutional Scholarships

Each year Lurleen B. Wallace Community College offers scholarships to qualified students in the various areas including (but not limited to) academics, athletics, leadership, performing arts, and service. In addition to the traditional scholarships offered by the College, scholarships through the Lurleen B. Wallace Community College Foundation are available. A brief description of each


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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