2. Character is defined as “who we are when no one is looking.” At the core of character is a set of beliefs that define our view of life, relationships and morality. Describe your “character” using examples from your experiences to clarify. 3. According to “Born to be Wired: The Role of New Media for Digital Generation,” on a typical day, a teenager selects from 200+ cable television networks, 5500 consumer magazine titles, 10,500 radio stations, 30 million blogs, and over 2 billion websites. There are currently 240 million television sets in the U.S., 2 million of which are in bathrooms. We have more information available to us, instantly, than any previous generation. What positive and innovative ways can our society use this technology? 4. Sometimes, getting along with family members can be the hardest thing to do. Describe some things you can do or have done to improve your family relationships. 5. What habits of mind or personal characteristics are essential for college success? (Examples: intellectual curiosity, persistence, open-mindedness, questioning/critical thinking, reflection/meta-cognition, confidence, time management, inventiveness, pride in work.)

Phase Two: On-Campus Interview

After reviewing the information provided in Phase One, the Honors Program Committee will select students to be interviewed for the Honors Program Scholarships.

For further information, contact Anthony Sanders at 334-881-2287 or

Presidential Academic Scholarships

Description: Students who have demonstrated high academic abilities. Minimum GPA Requirement: Incoming freshman must have a minimum 90 average. All others must have a minimum 3.5 GPA to be considered. Length and Value: One year scholarship that will cover tuition and fees up to $3000 ($1500 fall semester and $1500 spring semester) Additional Requirement: Counselor must verify GPA.

For further information contact Heather Owen at 334-881-2282 or

Presidential Technical Scholarships

Description: Students who plan to enroll in an LBWCC technical program of study. Minimum GPA and Enrollment Requirement: Incoming freshman must have a minimum 70 average. All others must have a minimum 2.5 GPA. To be considered, student must also indicate desire to enroll in a technical program. Length and Value: One year scholarship that will cover tuition and fees up to $4500 ($1500 fall, $1500 spring, and $1500 summer semesters). Continuation Policy: Scholarship renewal will be based on a minimum 2.0 GPA and successful completion of 24 credit hours. Additional Requirements: Student must plan to pursue a program of study in a technical-based field and must indicate this on the Scholarship Application and Admission Application. Recipients MUST enroll in one of the following Certificate or Associate in Applied Science Degree Programs:


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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