A grade of W (Withdrawal) is assigned to a student who officially withdraws from a class or from the College. For more information, refer to the section on Withdrawals in this catalog.

A grade of (I) Incomplete may be assigned when the quality of work has been passing but the student has been prevented by illness or other justifiable cause from completing the required work or taking the final examinations. A student who must miss a final examination has the responsibility of notifying the instructor prior to the examination or as soon thereafter as possible and of furnishing acceptable evidence concerning the cause of the absence upon return. If the cause is personal illness, the student should present the instructor a statement signed by the appropriate health care professional. Students must submit to the instructor a “Request for Incomplete Grade” form with documentation of the absences. If approve d by the instructor and division chair, the student may receive an “I” for the term. All required work for the course must be submitted to the instructor no later than two weeks prior to the last class day of the following term. If work is submitted by the due date provided by the instructor, the “I” grade will be cleared by the last class day. Otherwise, the grade of Incomplete (I) automatically becomes an “F”.

Grading Scale for Allied Health and Nursing

No rounding of test scores is done (ex. 78.6 is 78.6). Only the final course grade is rounded: 0.5 or higher is raised to the next whole number.

A = 90 – 100 B = 80 – 89 C = 75 – 79 D = 60 – 74 F = 59 and below

Academic Probation and Suspension Standards of Progress Policy

Required GPA levels for students according to number of hours attempted: 1. Students who have attempted 12-21 semester credit hours must maintain a 1.50 Cumulative Grade Point Average. 2. Students who have attempted 22-32 semester credit hours must maintain a 1.75 Cumulative Grade Point Average. 3. Students who have attempted 33 or more semester credit hours must maintain a 2.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Intervention for Student Success

When a student is placed on Academic Probation, One Semester Academic Suspension, or One Calendar Year Academic Suspension, college officials may provide intervention for the student by taking steps including, but not limited to, imposing maximum course loads, requiring a study skills course, and/or prescribing other specific courses.


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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