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What I Learned in the Marine Corps HOW TO GROW UP IN A HURRY

I signed up for the Marine Corps immediately after graduating high school. I did three years of active duty and another six in the reserves. If I had to sign up again today, I would do it in a heartbeat. My time in the Marines taught me so much about the world, our country, and myself. It was an incredibly valuable experience — one that taught me how to grow up in a hurry. To be perfectly honest, school wasn’t my favorite thing growing up. I worked all through school, and my goal in the classroom was to do enough to graduate. Despite that fact, I still vividly remember the day we had representatives from the armed forces visit our school. They were all impressive, but the Marine made the greatest impression on me. He was well-dressed, his shoes were shined, and he looked the very picture of professionalism. As soon as I got home from school, I announced my intention to join the Marines. My parents gave me their approval, and that was that. The first thing I remember the Marines teaching me was how to be an adult. I grew up more in four months of boot camp than I did in the 18 years prior. It was a no-BS operation. You did what you were told and kept your focus on the good of the team. I was in San Diego for boot camp, but it was the furthest thing from a month at the beach. Occasionally, the officers would wake us all up at midnight. We’d walk to a fence on the base, and a troublemaker would be called forward. In front of all of us, that person would climb the fence and never be heard from again. I’m not sure where those people went after they scaled the fence, but the message was clear: The Marines don’t tolerate foolishness. In addition to teaching me discipline, teamwork, and perseverance, the Marines also introduced me to my best friend. His name’s Dave Grayce, and he was like a big brother to me during my time in the service. We traveled the world together, shared some one-of-a-kind experiences, and spent countless nights talking to each other. Our bond is as strong as it ever was. We speak frequently, including an annual call on the Marine Corps’ birthday (November 10).

As somebody who has spent time in the military, I’m keenly aware that not all of our brave young men and women make it back from their missions. With Memorial Day coming up this month, I wanted to take the time to pay tribute to all of our service members and their families, especially those who have died fighting for our country. The members of our military don’t get the recognition they deserve for protecting our nation and its values. I can’t correct that imbalance on my own, but consider this message my small way of expressing my gratitude. I encourage everyone reading this to take a moment to consider those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. As you enjoy your Memorial Day cookouts, remember that there are thousands of Americans half a world away fighting to keep us safe. – Garry Li day

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