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With 2019 fast approaching, business owners everywhere will be hashing out their yearly budget. Deciding how and where you’ll spread your resources is tricky, because unless you’re Amazon, you don’t have unlimited funds to spend as you please. For every dollar you spend on X, that’s one dollar you can’t spend on Y. Only you and your leadership team will know how to best allocate your budget, but I want to caution against a cost-cutting measure that too many business owners come to regret: skimping on their computer and network support. Because IT support doesn’t have the direct ROI that, say, your marketing spend does, it’s easy to view it as a luxury. However, if you get hacked or experience a shutdown, you’ll find yourself ruing the decision to go with a bargain-basement support option. The minuscule amount you’ll save up front will be vastly outweighed by the long-term costs that result from lost data, system downtime, and squandered productivity. Even worse, your business may not be able to recover from a breach if you don’t have the right support and recovery systems in place. As you assess your budget for the coming year, ask yourself if you’re making one of the following potentially fatal mistakes when it comes to selecting an IT policy. MISTAKE 1: CHOOSING A BREAK-FIX OPTION In essence, all IT companies offer one of two types of support. The first, managed services, protects and monitors your network 24/7, whether everything is running perfectly or not. The second, break-fix services, only show up when there’s an issue. 3 FATAL ERRORS That Can Result From Bargain- Basement Computer Support

my network when it’s running well?” the thinking goes. The problem is that once you can recognize an issue, it’s probably already a major headache. Furthermore, break-fix companies don’t understand the ins and outs of your system. As a result, it will take them much longer to get your network back to normal, costing you precious time and money. MISTAKE 2: ADOPTING A REACTIVE APPROACH All break-fix companies are inherently reactive. By definition, they only respond when a problem is present, so they react to that problem rather than proactively assessing the health of your network. But cut-rate managed-services providers can also suffer from an approach of this nature. When shopping for a managed-services provider, make sure you choose a company that will keep you abreast of the latest updates, protections, and services. The best providers don’t just monitor your system; they coach you on how to leverage technology to help grow your business. Any company that can’t promise you that probably isn’t worth hiring. MISTAKE 3: PLAIN, OLD UNDERINVESTMENT Odds are your business relies on functioning technology for basic day-to-day operations. So it’s only logical that you’d invest in the health and security of your network. Often, the businesses that most effectively use and invest in their tech are the ones who end up gaining market share over their competitors. So, in closing, I ask you this: Will you be one of those savvy, forward-thinking companies in 2019? Or will you cross your fingers and hope nothing goes wrong? –Byron Adams

Break-fix companies are a cheaper alternative, and it’s easy to think they’re all you need. “Why would I need a company to watch

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