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Home ____


~ (Applicant will please not write in spaces above this heavy line)

I WISH to enter into active Christian Service by becoming a member of

Delaware Avenue Baptist Church - Buffalo, N. Y.

D By Baptism

. \ ~ By Letter from _ P~r~o=sc,ep~e~c~t~-~ve~n=u=e,~Ba~- =D~t=i~ยท s=-=t,~,~Bu~f~f~a~l~o~- --~D~~,~cJ ...... .___:,_._.,"-',41~7:~io,vS

D By Christian Experience Method of my baptism: D By immersion

D By sprinkling

My name In full

(If married woman give first name also)

Address ----------- - ---------------------- Zone___


Occupation - ---- -----------------------

Home ________

Business Address

___ Date

Sept ember h, 1938


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