FYZICALPBC: Is Back Pain Slowing Things Down?




FEELING GOOD PALM BEACH Welcome to FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Newsletter. Our entire team here in Palm Beach County is excited to bring you this resource for better living! It’s both my personal challenge and hope that in some small but highly significant way, we are able to bring value into your life and contribute to you living a happy, joyful, and vibrant life. We will be focusing on topics to help you build a robust state of physical health needed to live that life. being robbed from them. My guess is you have experienced this in your own family as well. That is the main reason behind our commitment to “Prevent Needless Suffering and do all in our power to help you flourish!”. Wewant to be a positive, trusted resource for you and, in line with that philosophy, are committed to truth telling; we’re pretty much gonna tell it as it is and not beat around the bush. If you are able to take just one nugget that helps you and your loved ones live a longer, healthier life, I will consider our efforts a resounding success!

We all know that this thing called life……well, it ain’t easy. Fortunately, our current knowledge of building and maintaining an optimal state of physical health has never been greater. We are living at the very best time and place ever in the history of the world to live a long, healthy, vibrant life. The great majority of you have achieved incredible levels of success in many various areas of life, and in some cases, changed the very world we live in. For that, myself and our entire team are forever grateful to you! We are the recipients of your good works. While pursuing those endeavors, you have always taken care of everyone around you, perhaps while your overall health and well-being has taken a back seat. As one our clients put so well, “Our physical health is everything.” And we agree. I have personally seenmy family members suffer frompreventable diseases. During that process of suffering, I have seen the very essence of their

We must all be like ants! Going over, under, or around any obstacle in our way and never stopping until we achieve our aim of optimal physical health. It’s a process and an evolution. And so I hope that whether it’s a physical health challenge, or otherwise, that we reach you at the right time with the right words that help you over, under or around whatever it is that’s in your way! At FYZICAL, we sign off with LYL (Love Your Life) because ultimately that’s our wish for you, optimal physical health so that you can fully live and love your life!

LYL (Love Your Life), Mike Graves, MSPT President & CEO Caring for Palm Beach County Residents since 1998

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