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Nowadays my family goes a little farther afield to celebrate Independence Day. Running a school, we’ve found that July Fourth is just about the only time of year we can travel for any length of time, so we’ve made a tradition of it. While it’s a little more work than enjoying a parade from the comfort of our front lawn, we’ve managed to keep one aspect of my childhood Fourth alive. For the last three years, we’ve made a point of visiting major league baseball parks around the nation. We kicked off this new Nehring tradition by driving to Chicago to watch the Cubs play the Reds on the Fourth itself. Watching the jets fly overhead as service members rolled out an enormous American flag onto Wrigley Field was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Standing for the national anthem, I knew this was going to be a memory that would stick with my son the rest of his life. Given the recent loss of my grandmother, it’s not clear whether we’ll be going anywhere for Independence Day this year. We have our sights set on cheering on the Mariners at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. It would be great to get up to the Northwest and let our kids look out on the Pacific Ocean, but that may have to wait for another year. Regardless whether or not we can get away this year, I’m sure we’ll make it out to a baseball park. Maybe we’ll get the plastic bats and Wiffle ball out and take the kids to a park ourselves. I know my grandmother would have loved that.


T here are few events from my up in Blaine back when it still had a small-town feel, I really got the classic Independence Day experience. The parade route actually went right by my grandparents’ house, so we didn’t even have to go anywhere. My family would just set up on the front lawn and watch the firetrucks and marching bands go by. At the risk of giving away my age, I vividly recall the celebrations in the summer of 1988. That year, the Twin Cities were in the midst of a massive drought, and the grass in everyone’s yards was dead. Always one to make lemonade when life gave him lemons, my grandfather let parade attendees park right on our front lawn. We served up homemade ice cream and candy and watched the fireworks show at childhood I remember as clearly as the Fourth of July. Growing

the end of the street. But perhaps the highlight of the day was baseball.

There was a school yard right across the street from my grandparents’ house, complete with a baseball diamond. Every Fourth of July, the neighbor kids, my cousins, and I would take the field for pickup games while the adults watched. A lifelong baseball fan, my grandma was always there to cheer me on when I took the pitcher’s mound — when she wasn’t busy discussing her beloved Twins with friends. It’s hard not to be nostalgic for those childhood summers all those years ago. “Watching the jets fly overhead as service members rolled out an enormous American flag onto Wrigley Field was nothing short of awe-inspiring.”

Here’s to all the family traditions that make the Fourth of July special,

–Eric Nehring

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While you’re out on the trail, it’s essential to make sure that both you and your family are safe. Wear breathable, noncotton material and sturdy shoes that don’t expose your toes. It’s important to dress according to the weather. For example, if the day is sunny, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and apply plenty of sunscreen on any exposed skin. Bring your kids’ favorite snacks and water bottles for everyone to stay hydrated. It’s crucial that you also bring a fully stocked first-aid kit in case someone is injured on the hike. Starting with one of your local hiking trails can be a rewarding way to spend the day with your kids. You can watch their excitement as they expand their world with new discoveries.

Hiking has many benefits as a family activity, such as mental health improvement, strengthening your relationships, and experiencing new sights and discoveries together. It’s also great exercise, and you get plenty of quality time, fresh air, and sunshine. Here are three guidelines to help you and your kids have fun on your next hike. One of the best ways to have your children learn about the world is letting them explore it. Being there for your children and encouraging them to ask questions about flowers, bugs, or animals you see on the trail will help them expand their vocabulary and learn how ENCOURAGE THEIR CURIOSITY

things work. When they learn they can explore independently and ask about the world around them, they’re gaining the confidence to teach themselves.


Getting your children to engage in nature while you’re out hiking can be as simple as bringing a magnifying glass along with you. Let your kids look at leaves, rocks, insects, or anything else you might come across on the trail. You can also bring binoculars to help them look at a bird that might be perched a little too high up. Another option is a bug holder to let your kids catch smaller insects, such as grasshoppers or pill bugs, and give them a close-up look.


Over the years, our school has had the pleasure of seeing many young enthusiasts grow into accomplished musicians. Now more than ever, we have students who are capable of some truly impressive performances. So to celebrate their accomplishments, we’re unveiling our “Encore!” concert series! really strut their stuff. Much like our popular “Bravo!” concert series, this formal event will take place in the beautiful Sundin Music Hall at Hamline University. However, thanks to the limited selection of performers, students will have the chance to perform full pieces, getting to bring all the skills they’ve learned This invitational recital gives some of MnSOM’s finest students a chance to

to bear on the big stage. This is definitely the recital to bring your relatives to!

Again, due to the longer format of this series, “Encore!” will be limited to an elite selection of performers. We are asking our teachers to extend invitations to those students they deem to be ready to take this next step in their musical journey. So, if you’re a student out there excited by the opportunity to perform a full-length piece in front of a cheering audience, this is your chance! Practice hard, impress your teacher, and you may be one of the stars of the evening! Stay tuned for details on the exact concert date. We’re excited to bring this new opportunity for growth to our students and put on a truly spectacular performance for their friends and family!

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Ava P. Cali L. Colton W. Neil U. Nathan P. Harley P. Caden P. Brooke T.

Beatrice K. Clara B. Marisol G. Isan G. Amelia L. Noah C. Faith A. Grace A.

Emily S. Chad R. Natalie R. Faith R. Bianca C. Giatta R. Lydia N. Ava N.

We are pleased to announce that Minnesota School of Music will offer music lessons to a whole new age group. Previously a K–12 school, we can now offer specialized piano lessons for preschoolers as young as 3 years old! These classes are designed to expose little ones to the joys of music and playing an instrument, laying the foundations for success in both music and life. There’s substantial evidence that exposing children to playing an instrument early immensely benefits their development. Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist, compared learning music to learning a language — the earlier you start, the easier time you’ll have becoming fluent. While we are not a Suzuki school, we have certainly seen this general principle in action. All of Eric’s children began playing their instruments at age 4. Now Caleb and Ava are both accomplished players for their ages, and their little sister Lydia is taking her first steps to becoming a pianist. In fact, witnessing the joy Lydia felt to finally be able to do something like her older siblings inspired Eric to make these pre-K classes a reality. If your student has a younger sibling who is feeling left out, these low-pressure classes are a perfect fit! Younger students won’t be expected to learn sheet music or music theory. Instead, our instructors will show them the basics of playing the piano as they gently help the children begin to memorize basic melodies and scales. This lets children discover many of the rules of music naturally, setting them up to better understand any instrument they want to learn when they get older. And, of course, because music lessons are about more than music, your child will also learn valuable cognitive and motor skills! So, if you or a friend has a preschooler looking to get musical this summer, our doors are open! Just like any MnSOM class, parents are more than welcome to sit in on the lesson and watch. Our expert teachers are excited to help this new age group discover the joys of learning an instrument!

IS YOUR TEACHER If you’ve tried to make a schedule change recently, you’ve seen firsthand how full our teachers’ schedules are. If you are looking to make an upcoming schedule change, please read below to see if your teacher is sold out. Note: Teacher availability is subject to change based on enrollment. Please contact the front desk at 763-432-9713 for up-to-date schedule information. SOLD OUT?

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Fireworks and Baseball Fields

Hiking With Your Kids A New Stage for Our Talented Students!

Welcome New Students Can a 3-Year-Old Learn Piano?

Avoid the Summer Heat Somewhere Cool


ICELAND Just as its name suggests, Iceland can be the perfect destination for travelers yearning to get away from the unbearable summer heat. With temperatures rarely exceeding 60 degrees F — the average high for the country — packing is easy for this relaxing vacation. Take a relaxing dip in one of the country’s many hot springs or enjoy tremendous views of the fjords. Even better, you can tour the country at any time because it’s sunny almost 24 hours a day. What could be better than a midnight hike around the fourth happiest country in the world? NORWAY Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to give up your skiing hobby! Venture off to Norway and experience some of their most popular summer ski resorts. After a day or two shredding the slopes, experience the popular Norwegian Opera and Ballet in Oslo or choose between numerous outdoor and indoor exhibitions. Best of all, you won’t even break a sweat, as the average temperature in Norway’s hottest month barely hits 70 degrees F. Bordering Sweden and northern Finland, Norway can even be the beginning to a cool European tour this summer. RELAX IN THESE COOL DESTINATIONS THIS SUMMER

As the scorching summer sun beats down, it’s hard to remember that just six months ago

you were shivering through the winter, whether that meant a chilly 50 F or bitter subzero temperatures. But if cooler temps sound like paradise, and a dip in the pool is no longer keeping you cool, it might be time to take a vacation somewhere chilly. Check out these three destinations to avoid the summer heat.

ALASKA No place says chilly quite like Alaska. Trips to Alaska can be expensive during this time of year, but when you step into that crisp air with a cool mountainous view, you’ll understand why it’s a popular summer voyage. Travelers can choose to fly or take a cruise ship, and many cities feature tourism-packed excursions. A few notable locations include Anchorage, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and Denali National Park and Preserve.

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