Medicare Blueprint Advisors - March/April 2020


MAR-APR 2020

Mike Gminski ended my basketball career before it could even begin. I was in the eighth grade, going to school in my home town of Oxford, Connecticut, just having fun playing the sport with my classmates. But no matter how good we thought we were, we feared playing the team from the next town over. Gminski, from Monroe, Connecticut, would run circles around us and basically every team he played. Maybe we couldn’t predict he’d go on to be a Hall of Famer at that age, but we could tell he was special. This is all to say I probably won’t be tuning in to the March Madness games this year. Those early crushing defeats by the boy who would go on to play for Duke, The Nets, 76ers, and more pretty much soured any real interest I had in basketball. I don’t even know if I’ve watched a game since Magic Johnson left the sport. That said, I haven’t hung up my gym shorts just yet. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken a renewed interest in my health. One reason for that is simply the fact that I’m almost 60 and want to do my best to stay active for as long as I can. Another reason is that I’ve also seen so many positive examples through my clients. ANYTHING BUT BASKETBALL How I Stay Fit Approaching 60

“Mike Gminski ended my basketball career before it could even begin.”

Seeing people older than me in fantastic shape is nothing less than inspiring, to say nothing of the benefits these active Medicare beneficiaries see.

For starters, better health often means fewer medications and more mobility. The money these workout enthusiasts save at the pharmacy alone is enough to justify a gym membership. Best of all, many Medicare Advantage plans recognize this and offer discounts or even cover fitness programs. Even if you aren’t on a plan that covers gym memberships, people close to or at retirement age can still find great deals. For example, many Planet Fitness locations offer people age 60 or older yearly memberships for less than $10 per month. Arguably, it may be easier to hit the gym at this age than ever before. Of course, working out isn’t exactly easy. For all the natural talent Mike Gminski had, he probably wouldn’t have been as successful if his father hadn’t become his full-time coach. So, I’ve taken a page from my old middle school rival’s book and brought on a personal trainer myself. Personally, I need that external motivation to make sure I meet my fitness goals. Still, I don’t think discounts or any amount of coaching is going to make me dread leg day any less. But, ultimately, that post-workout feeling and the knowledge I’m taking steps to keep up with the rest of my family are more than worth it.

Here’s to all the ways we can stay active,

– Tim Hanbury



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