ALIWEN: "Bodegones de Elena"


A short introduction to ALIWEN (Felipe Vial)

Felipe Vial (“ Aliwen ”) was born in Chile in 1991.

Long time ago in Buenos Aires, I ventured into organizing an art exhibition of the famous American photographer Ansel Adams who inspired me to pursue my career in the art of photography. As an experienced photographer I have come across many creative artists and their great artwork, some of them being internationally recognized. Many years have gone by since then and I truly believed that nothing else would surprise me in art but when I saw Felipe Vial ’s artwork, honestly, I thought I was dreaming. His artwork so impressed me that I was left without words. To bestow praise upon a work of art just to please the artist is not a custom I engage in. But Felipe’s art goes further than any literary consideration or perhaps the search for expressing the right words because his art transcends the visual perception, it reaches the soul. Each of the works of this young artist is a monument to Still Life. He recaptures the Old Jan Brueghel classicism up to , as an example, that of Juan de Zurbaran. Each photo signifies a moment for reflection, the rescue of a discarded object that instead of being turned into junk, it creates the poetry in an artist who goes beyond an impeccable, careful and detailed technique thus transporting us to an emotions universe which will impact the bewildered observer.

Dr. Raúl M. Oyuela, A.FIAP Director – Museum of the Americas May, 2022.


In December 2019 I opened up a photography studio to pursue my creative work on Still Life in the property which was built back in the year 1940 when my 85 years old grandmother Elena was about five years old. Its walls and gardens have witnessed the lives of my maternal great-grandparents and grandparents. I must accept the fact that each time I walk in the studio I have a strange feeling, as if I am being watched, even though this fact does not constitute an impediment that might influence in the materialization of these images. I feel respect and admiration, being fully aware that my past generations have been here surrounded by these walls .

All this universe entwines with my love and energy on each detail I gather at this ancestral place which has sponsored the beginning of this project titled: “Elena’s Still Life”.

Felipe Vial (Aliwen)

“ Flor Calis ” Photography.

“ Columna creciente ” Photography.

“Made in Chile” Photography.

“Cr áneo torcido“ , photography.

“ Estructura floreada ”, photography.

“ Descuadralizado ”, photography.

“ Senesencia ”, photography.

“ Pétalos de pluma ”, photography.

“Rueda de limón ”, photography.

“ Rojizo y seco”, photography.

“ Escritura en el humo ”, photography.

“ Zapallo azulado ”, photography.

“Perla azul ”, photography.

“ Maleza invernal ”, photography.

“ Pensar dorado”, photography.

“ Alborado ”, photography.

“Lento colapso ”, photography.

“La raiz del ciervo ”, photography.

“ Decorados de Elena”, photography.

“ Inflorescencia ”, photography.

“ Tarro oxidado cian ”, photography.

Felipe Ignacio Vial (aka) “ Aliwen ”, was born in Santiago, Chile in 1991. “ Aliwen ” means “ Tree ” in the Mapudungun (Mapuche) language.

He started as a selfthought photographer but later, he began his practice in the workshop at “ Expertimental Perrera Art Center” with Director Antonio Becerro and later with María Paz Mellado studying to developing photo film.

In his short photographic career, Felipe has exhibited in his country and through the Museum of the Americas, his artworks have been selected for promotions in the international art fair “Arco Lisboa” in May, 2022 and was invited to do a show in Dubai next October. Felipe found old materials to develop his idea about the series of “ Still lives ” as he explained in his statement at the beginning of this book.

Contacts: Instagram :@vialfelipe91

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