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No Place Like Home What Makes Naples Special


arrived in Naples in 1992, shortly after graduating from law school. I moved to town to start my first job as a lawyer and rented a little place at the World Tennis Center. It was like having a gorgeous golf course right

“Back in the early ‘90s, Naples was this best-kept secret that quickly became one of the fastest -growing communities in America.”

in my backyard. The city was a lot different back then. For one, Naples was smaller with not a lot going on. There wasn’t much to do as a young person in terms of nightlife. You had to really scope out your spot. At the time, my friends and I had to figure out the best place to go on Wednesday and which spots were best on a Friday night.

hang out on the beach. Plus, the golfing is incredible. You can find a variety of golf courses on every block, each one nicer than the last. Then there’s the Swamp Buggy Races, the U.S. Pickleball Championships, and the many artistic and cultural events that come through town.

Back in the early ‘90s, Naples was this best- kept secret that quickly became one of the fastest-growing communities in America. Though we’re still a pretty small community compared to Miami or

Above all else, Naples is a safe place where my kids can have a good childhood. For four years in a row, the Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index has named Naples the healthiest city in the United States. All that good stuff really adds up!

But I’m not going to say Naples is perfect. We’re still in Florida, where the summer heat and humidity makes you feel like you’re melting sometimes. But I grew up in Pennsylvania, where the winters left you frozen to the bone, and my childhood was full of spontaneous nose bleeds. I’ll take three months of heat if it means my family and I get to enjoy near-perfect weather for the rest of the year. Naples has a certain atmosphere that I love. We enjoy 300 days of sunshine, the population is full of Midwestern transplants, and the city has done a lot to make the area look

Jacksonville, Naples has a lot more going on today. They built the Mercato, Hertz moved in, and the Florida Gulf Coast University is a catalyst for the area’s economy and a cultural hub for the community. Ave Maria University did the same with Ave Maria School of Law. When I first moved to Naples, I wouldn’t have imagined the

and feel nice. I’m glad being a lawyer brought me down here. I’m proud to practice in Naples, and I’m thrilled to live here. Naples is everything I think of when I think of home. -Marc Shapiro

area having one university, let alone multiple campuses and a law school.

New buildings aren’t what make Naples special, of course. It’s the atmosphere that I love about the town. I love living someplace where I get to spend time outside whenever I want to. We can go boating or fishing or just

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