2022 PRCA/WPRA CIRCUIT STANDINGS BREAKAWAY ROPING Unofficial as of April 26, 2022 BADLANDS 1. Brandi White $1,534 2. Sloan Anderson $1,505 3. Syerra Christensen $1,492 4. Amber Carson $1,297 5. Patty Burress $1,005 6. Halley Kleemann $916 7. Bailey Berg $713 8. Kristy Lawrence $622 9. Kayla Olson $422 10. Teddi Morman $131 11. Calby Hanson $130 CALIFORNIA 1. Hanna Snodgrass $2,336 2. Allie Hoskins $2,284 3. Gianna Cianfichi $1,763 4. Cathy Cagliari $1,632 5. Fallon Ruffoni $1,448 6. Kate Branco $688 7. Noel Lambert $344 8. Karri Jones $282 9. Elizabeth Hirdes $140 COLUMBIA RIVER 1. CourtneyWood $1,283 2. DanyelleWilliams $951 3. Julia Reeves $896 4. Melody Hale $74 FIRST FRONTIER No standings at this time GREAT LAKES 1. Jesse Alsup $739 Bailie Schuldt $739 3. Sierra Smith $478 4. Halle Tatham $217 MAPLE LEAF No standings at this time MONTANA No standings at this time MOUNTAIN STATES 1. Erin Johnson $2,517 PRAIRIE 1. Emma Charleston $3,870 2. Ari-Anna Flynn $2,471 3. Taylor Munsell $1,183 4. Amber Coleman $1,078 5. Alyssa Bigon $917 6. Christi Braudrick $820 7. Hannah Lee 8. KeAnn Hayes SOUTHEASTERN 1. Lacey Nail 2. Makayla Mack 3. Shelby Osceola 4. Heather McLaughlin 5. Hollie Ladner 6. Lindsey Pender 7. Taylor Smith 8. Blythe Odom 9. AmandaWeekley TEXAS 1. Martha Angelone 2. JJ Hampton 4. Alex Loiselle 3. Bailey Gubert 5. Lari Dee Guy 6. Jackie Crawford 7. Hope Thompson 8. Amber Crawford 9. Jordi Edens 10. Josie Conner 11. Jordan Jo Hollabaugh 11. Whitney Thurmond 12. Bryanna Lehrmann 13. Cassidy Boggs 15. Ashley Goforth TURQUOISE 1. Leigh Ann Scribner 2. Cheyenne Blackmore 3. Maddy Deerman 4. Keylie Tatum 5. Tibba Smith 6. Bethanie Shofner 7. Jessi Swartwood 8. Wyatte Grace Andrews 9. Kassidy Dennison 10. Shelby Schweitz 11. Brooke Pomeranz Kelly Torske 13. Nicole Baggarley 14. Kayse Mahoney Shawnee Sherwood WILDERNESS 1. Oaklie Sanders 2. Shelbie Allen 3. SuzanneWilliams

National Finals Rodeo qualifier from Minco, Oklahoma, just outside the Oklahoma City metro area. “They make you feel pretty welcome. I think this was their 90th year. Being more mature in age, I realize how important that is. Being 64, it feels like I’m obligated to do well there.” She may be compelled to do well because it’s a bit of a honey hole for her prized mount. Valor, now a 13-year-old sorrel gelding, helped Rule to a second-place finish a year ago. The talented red speedster – named the 2019 and 2020 Purina Horse of the Year – helped the Oklahoma cowgirl to big money in a short span; Rule earned $20,359 this April pushing her two-year total to more than $37,500. “All the years I’ve been going to San Angelo, we’ve competed in the two buildings with two setups,” she said. “I like both arenas, and thankfully I have a horse that doesn’t care if it’s a bigger or smaller arena. “I personally like a bigger arena, because you have more space to make up for mistakes. When you go in the smaller arena, you’ve got to limit your mistakes to post a fast time.” With experience comes knowledge, and Rule has plenty of both. Now, instead of building championship saddles, she’s winning them, even if she and her red rocket are the last ones to compete in the rodeo. “As we got ready to run, I sat there and really prayed about it,” she said. “I asked God, ‘Let me do what I can do. Whatever happens, happens.’ “We couldn’t hear anything where we were. The only thing I knew was to do my job the best I could. Coming out with the win … honestly, I cried.” A big part of that was having her husband, John, with her. For years, they worked together as owners of National Saddlery and were the makers of the ProRodeo world championship saddles. He’s still a renowned Western artist, and he’s been busy with a bronze sculpture. Having him along for the 700-mile round trip was nice, especially since she ran in the final preliminary performance and championship rounds on back-to-back nights. “It was cool having him there,” she said. He may not be able to be on the road as much with her as she battles to qualify for a fourth time to the NFR – though she qualified in 2020, she was unable to compete in Arlington, Texas, because of a positive COVID test. She returned to the Thomas & Mack Center this past December and proved why she should be there, winning two go- rounds, finishing sixth in the average and earning more than $100,500 over 10 December nights. “The older I get, the harder it is to stay out on the road,” Rule said. “I’m going to take a little bit of a break now. I’ve had a couple things go south on me, so I’m being a little bit sore myself and I want to give my horse a break and go back to it in July. “I’m hoping to go to Calgary this year. I’ve never been to Canada in my life, so I’m going to see if I can make that work.” Being able to take a two-month break is also why the win in San Angelo was so important to Rule. She moved up to fourth in the world standings as of April 18 and will cherish the time away from the road. “Having that little bit of a pad will make it easier for me to go home, and I won’t feel so panicked about it,” she said. “We’re just going to go to the ones that make the most sense for Valor and me and see where we end up.”

$647 $494

$1,733 $1,295

$885 $733 $717 $489 $434 $297 $145

$8,791 $8,346 $6,119 $5,863 $5,332 $4,719 $4,618 $4,138 $4,042 $4,025 $3,787 $3,769 $3,612 $2,838 $2,820 $2,583 $1,795 $1,732 $1,537 $1,191 $1,145 $1,092

$786 $738 $722 $630 $630 $355 $234 $234

$2,408 $1,636 $1,319


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