2022 JUNIOR DIVISION STANDINGS Unofficial Standings as of April 22, 2022 *2021World Champion 1. Skylar Alves Camarillo, CA $6,798 2. Jaime Schwab New Smyrna Beach, FL $5,533 3. Kaitlyn Sims Elkton, FL $5,440 4. Taylor McLain Punta Gorda, FL $3,359 5. Madison Murphy Alva, FL $2,759 6. Payton VanDhuynslager Vero Beach, FL $2,254 7. Emma Unruh Kingsburg, CA $2,166 8. Kylie Perra LaBelle, FL $1,849 9. Makayla Maddie Auburndale, FL $1,639 10. Kaylee McGraw Ocala, FL $1,581 11. Carly Grady Aquilla, TX $1,406 12. Adalynn Homer Palm City, FL $1,363 13. Addison Escobar King City, CA $1,108 14. Kaycee Ray Hanchey Okeechobee, FL $1,081 Cyiah Avila Clewiston, FL $1,081 *34. Abigail Poe Fitzgerald, GA $208 2022WPRA FUTURITY/DERBY POINTS Unofficial standings as of April 24, 2022 FUTURITY NAME HORSE POINTS 1. Kathy Grimes KG Jukebox Hero 190 2. Margaret Jones Smooth Money Raider 150 3. Ashley Day ArmedNFamous 70 4. Hilary Hilzendeger Shawne Firewater 65 5. Dusdee Shepperson LC Vegas Showgirl 25 6. Vanda Chess Look of Dryfire 15 Hilary Hilzendeger Hells Hot Firewater 15 8. Jolene Hambley Unn Break Able 10 Colleen Vondra Gold Sky Guy 10 Susie Luschar Leos Smart Star 10 11. AlanaWillumsen DJ Smart Peppy Boon 5 Shelley Holman Blazin Rockstar 5 2D FUTURITY NAME HORSE POINTS 1. Jan Duquette Shawne Bugs Smart 45 2. Kathy Van’t Hul Vanila Ice 30 3. Colleen Vondra SR French FireWater 25 4. Becca Gilley Smooth As Champagne 20 5. Vanda Chess Look of Dryfire 15 Dusdee Shepperson LC Vegas Showgirl 15 Shelley Holman Blazin Rockstar 15 Karen Gleason A Dandy Guy 15 AlanaWillumsen Streaking Savannah 15 10. BrandeeWardell TS Gabs Fab Farewell 10 11. Hilary Hilzendeger Hells Hot Firewarter 5 Ashley Day ArmedNFamous 5 Hilary Hilzendeger Perky Lills 5 DERBY NAME HORSE POINTS 1. Margaret Jones Doubledownonthisguy 95 2. Kathy Grimes KG Juststealingcash 90 3. Karen Gleason Streak Ta Fling 65 Jessica Miller UR Girls Need Money 65 Margaret Jones Smooth Operraider 65 6. Ashley Day Pipers Design 60 7. Becca Gilley FM Fast Burning Fuse 45 8. Jessica Miller UR Famous In Red 35 Vanda Chess Blazing Cake 35 10. Ashley Day Flash N Dynamite 30 Kayellyn Haug Pie Island XX 30 12. Jan Reis FirewaterontheMoons 15 Kathy Grimes KGWhatDiduExpect 15 14. Fonda Melby RF Back For The Cash 5 Ashley Nelson JoJoWild 5

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“We hit a lot of barrels indoors this winter,” said Lockhart, who is nearing the $3 million mark for career earnings. “You get to questioning yourself. Winning Oakdale is absolutely a confidence builder. “To have everything fall together is very gratifying.” Lockhart followed the win at Oakdale by earning almost $5,000 at Red Bluff, California. “Obviously, Red Bluff treated us pretty good,” she said. She also had Clovis, California and Springville, California on her rodeo itinerary. The money helped her move from 40th to 23rd in the WPRA world standings as May approached. Lockhart hauled four horses during her three-month road trip, including her 11-year-old black gelding Cutter (Prime Diamond) and two younger horses she ran in jackpots when the schedule permitted. “It’s crazy,” Lockhart said about live on the road. On the upside on being far from home, Lockhart and her horses were in California when severe snowstorms swept through South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana. “Didn’t hurt my feelings,” she said with a chuckle. “But I was accused of bringing cold weather to California. They had unheard of cold temperatures.” Lockhart pointed her rig and horses toward home after Springville, planning to enjoy the final high school rodeo season for her youngest son Cade who graduates this year. “I haven’t been to Reno in 25-plus years. It’s a thought,” she said of entering. “But it’s always over the top of our state high school rodeo. “Winning Oakdale just gives you a peace of mind. To get some money won. It’s really hard sometimes but when you get to do something, go do it.” “I might do some small jaunts but not much,” she said. Lockhart plans to return to the rodeo road in June.

It was a big decision to go all the way to California for Lisa Lockhart, who calls South Dakota home, but she wanted to give Rosa the opportunity to run at some of the big outdoor pens that she enjoys so much. While Lockhart had never been to Oakdale, California, Rosa loves the wide open arena and carried Lisa to the winner’s circle. Photo by Click Thompson


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