WINNING AND TEACHING Guy Wins Red Bluff and Hosts Clinic in California By Josie Fladager M ultiple hall of famer Lari Dee Guy came out victorious at the Red Bluff (California) Round-Up on April 17. Her solid roping through two rounds earned her the average buckle from Gonestraw Farms and almost $4,500 to add to her standings total.

Having done well at one of the largest three day rodeos in the country in 2021, Guy was no stranger to Bunting Arena. Riding 16 year old Peptos Black Quixote, commonly called “Rex,” Guy turned in a 3.2 second run in the first round to tie for 5 th place in a tough round with one of her hauling partners for the California trip, Kelsie Domer. In the second round, Guy roped her calf in 3.3 seconds matching Samantha Fulton and Josie Conner to tie for the round win. Overall, Guy had the fastest time on two calves (6.5 seconds) and won the average by one tenth of a second over Josie Murphy. “I felt like I drew good calves. I scored really well and my horse worked really well,” noted Guy. The weather also worked in Guy’s favor in Red Bluff. It rained in the two performances before hers, but the skies were clear and the ground was relatively dry for Guy and her black gelding to run their calves. With fuel prices at an all-time high, breakaway ropers are doing all they can to keep their expenses low on the road, including hauling together. Guy hopped in a rig with Domer, Hope Thompson, and Jackie Crawford to

Lari Dee Guy came out victorious at the Red Bluff (CA) Roundup with a two run time of 6.5 seconds aboard her 16 year old Peptos Black Quixote, better known as Rex. Guy added just under $4,500 to her 2022 standings. As of April 26, she was ranked fourth in the ProRodeo Breakaway World Standings. Photo by Fernando Sam-Sin

In the midst of the rodeo at Red Bluff, 25 young breakaway ropers got to “Rope like a Girl” with all of the aforementioned four world champions in a one day clinic. Bringing this much professional talent and class together in one spot is rare and something Guy says she would like to do more throughout the year as they travel to rodeos across the country. “I got approached about doing [a clinic] and I just thought, ‘What better clinic can you do than bringing three of the best breakaway ropers in the world with you and do one?’ ” Guy recalled. “I thought there was a lot of knowledge brought to the girls.” Like always, Guy is excited to see the growth in the sport of breakaway, both in numbers and regions. Guy says there is a lot of interest in California, as well as all over the country. “That clinic filled in one day,” Guy explained. “It’s getting so big everywhere and there’s so much interest in every state.” After that clinic in California, there has been an increasing interest in having more clinics like it. “We were answering (Facebook) Messenger and emails from people from all over the place wanting us to come and do clinics. It’s overwhelming,” Guy said with a small laugh. Guy is now back in Texas, but the season has only begun. She has surpassed over half a million dollars in career earnings. Between the increasing amount of money being added to the sport of breakaway and Guy’s all-around talents, that number is sure to grow faster than ever before. She is currently sitting 4 th in the world standings after 15 rodeos and 2022 still has a plethora of opportunities.

make their run through several California rodeos. Currently, all four ladies are sitting in the top 20 of the world standings. This pickup full of world champions has created some amazing opportunities for the ropers themselves and aspiring young breakaway ropers in California. “We’ve had a great trip,” said Guy. “We’ve had a lot of fun, gotten to cook, eat good, and hang out.” However, they are doing more than just rodeoing while in California.


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