When I asked Jamanda Doyle, the owner and general manager of Driven Automotive in Bedford, Nova Scotia, why her brand is synonymous with honesty throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality, her answer couldn’t have been more matter-of- fact: “We work hard in the customer’s best interest.” What came next shocked me.

By David MacDonald I have to say, a lot of businesses approach Spotlight on Business with the hope that we don’t do our due diligence – but we do. We love pouring over unfiltered customer reviews on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the very telling Better Business Bureau Rating Score- card that sticks to companies like glue. These very public assessments let us know who we want to include in the impressive reading list of upstanding companies that make up the magazine’s library. You can imagine that a lot of businesses, even well-established operations, aren’t exactly eager to point us in the direction of these unfettered sources. Jamanda was – and that stunned me. Automotive repair and shop owners are typically scrutinized more than public servants. She first directed me to Driven Automotive’s Facebook page and waited intently as I scrolled through the reviews. Their 4.6 star rating, I discovered, was clearly well- earned. “This is definitely the place to go,” concluded one satisfied customer. “They took me right back and showed me exactly what was wrong,” another happy client said. “Today was our first time there and certainly won’t be our last,” a young mother extolled. “Jamanda didn’t miss a step and had a rental car there for me in 15 minutes



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