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)FBMUI%S1BVM3PVNFMJPUJTTBJE UIFVOJU was on track to vaccinate all residents of MPOHUFSNDBSFSFTJEFOUTCZUIFFOEPGUIF week. Two hundred Moderna vaccines would be delivered to the region to help vaccinate UIF SFNBJOJOH MPOHUFSNDBSFIPNFTBOE TPNFIJHISJTLSFUJSFNFOUIPNFT “At the moment, we have a crunch be  cause of a lack of vaccines,” Dr. Roumeliotis said. “At some point this is going to catch VQ BOEXFSFHPJOH UPIBWFBOVNCFSPG people vaccinated at the same time.” All staff and residents had been vac  DJOBUFE BU TFWFO MPOHUFSN DBSF IPNFT before the vaccine delay was announced. Only residents had been vaccinated in the remaining nine facilities, after the health unit received directives from the province to focus on the most vulnerable population until more doses arrived.

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) did not receive a regular shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines this week, as a nationwide shortage in doses affected the provincial supply. The two companies announced delays in all countries receiving doses from its Belgium factory, which was being retooled to create up to two billion vaccines in a year, rather than 1.3 billion. As a result, Ontario received no vaccines this week, while only 26,325 would arrive next week instead of the originally scheduled 80,000. Supplies for the two weeks after The delay was expected to push back UIF&0)6T SPMMPVUPG UIF WBDDJOF UP MPOH term care staff, though Medical Officer of

L’est de l’Ontario ne recevra aucun vaccin cette semaine en raison d’un réaménagement de l’usine de Pfizer-BioNTech en Belgique. — photo fournie par les Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell

Dr. Roumeliotis said the second dose XBTFYQFDUFEUPCFBENJOJTUFSFEUPMPOH term care residents within the recom  NFOEFE UPEBZ UJNFMJOF)FTBJE the second dose could be delayed for as long as 41 days and remain viable, but said that time period would only be used if the delays continued. As of Monday, the health unit had ad  ministered 2267 vaccines in the region.

That number included 100 residents at the Prescott and Russell Residence, one PG UIFXPSTUIJU MPOHUFSNDBSFIPNFT JO the region during an outbreak last year. 8IFOBTLFEPO.POEBZTNFEJBCSJFG ing whether snowbirds currently in Florida should try to get the vaccine in the United States instead of waiting to return, Dr. Roumeliotis encouraged those who were high risk to get a dose if they could.

A SAFER PLACE FOR ONLINE SALES Areas in Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) detachment parking lots in Russell County have been reserved for residents to pick up or drop off items sold online. and Rockland detachment buildings early in the new year. Intended to prevent online fraud or theft, the zones were designed to give residents a comfortable, public space to complete online transactions.


Apart from providing the space, police would have little involvement in the trans  actions. Meetings between buyers and sellers could be arranged privately, and officers would not monitor or mediate the transactions. In a statement, the OPP said the zones were designed to provide an outlet for people uncomfortable with visiting a TUSBOHFSTIPNF UPCVZPSTFMMTPNFUIJOH online, and vice versa. i$SFBUJOHB ADPNNVOJUZTBGF [POF JT about moving online transactions away from secluded parking lots, personal residences La Police provinciale de l'Ontario (PPO) a lancé un projet de zone d'échange sécuritaire dans les stationnements des postes d’Embrun et de Rockland. or other areas and bringing them to a public place,” the statement said. “These Safe Trade parking spots are available at all times with no appointment necessary. The OPP does not monitor or mediate the use of these premises for these purposes.” &WFO JG SFTJEFOUTPQUFEOPU UPVTF UIF zones for their meetings, police recom  mended that they meet in a busy public place during daylight hours, bring a trusted friend or family member as a witness, and keep all emails, text messages or voicemails with the buyer or seller.

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