Shale Shaker Vol 70, No 5 September-October

Figure 7 Photomicrograph as in figure 6 in crossed polarized light.

Biographical Sketch Biography: Andrew Cullen is the Senior Vice President of Geology at Warwick Energy Group with evolutionary roots through Chesapeake, Shell, EOG, Altex Oil, Clear Creek Silver Company, Energy Reserves Group, Kennecott Copper, and the Oklahoma Geological Survey. Andrew holds multiple degrees in geology from the Universities of Oklahoma and Oregon and has multiple peer-reviewed publications from field-based studies on Borneo, Papua New Guinea, and the Galapagos Islands. Andrew is as a reviewer for the Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, Tectonics, Earth Science Reviews, and the Journal of Basin Research. Dr. Cullen is an adjunct professor in the OU College of Law and teaches Petroleum Geology in the OU’s Price College of Business. He’s been a regular contributor to the Shale Shaker’s “My Favorite Outcrop” series. In his spare time, rather than garden, Dr. ABC likes to visit outcrops, roll with The Boulders and attempt feline hypnosis.

Andrew Cullen

September ~ October 2019 | Page 227

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