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The Power of Freedom How Do We Celebrate Our Independence?

What do your Fourth of July plans look like? These days, my daughters are usually off at camp, so my wife and I have a more low-key day that usually ends with us watching the county fireworks from some farm road. I enjoy the quality time we have together. It’s a big change of pace from my childhood Fourth of July traditions. As a kid, my family hosted a big pig roast at our house. It felt like a hundred people would come to celebrate, though my memories of the crowd my be a bit exaggerated. We spent the day swimming and eating, and after sunset, we broke out the fireworks — and by fireworks, I do mean the ones you weren’t supposed to have in Illinois. One year, during our celebration, my dad lit the roof of our house on fire with a stray firework. Fortunately, we grabbed the garden hose and put it out before it got out of hand. The house was barely singed, and everyone thought it was really fun — everyone but my mom, of course. Fireworks and cookouts are a lot of fun, but it’s important to take some time and remember what we are celebrating on July 4. There are freedoms we enjoy in this nation that don’t exist in other parts of the world. Countless men and women have

died for those freedoms, and it’s important that we both remember their sacrifices and recognize that the fight to protect our freedoms is still going on. In 1776, we were fighting for freedom against a tyrannical monarchy controlling our nation with no consideration for the people living here. Today, we have a similar fight for

and see who’s funding their campaign. It’s important you know who you are putting into office. This is a major election year across the nation, and we owe it to those who died for our rights not just to vote for a little letter beside a candidate’s name on the ballot. It doesn’t matter who you vote for or what side of the aisle they’ll sit on — what matters is whether or not you believe they are really going to represent your values and interests. This Fourth of July, I want to recognize the men and women who fight for our freedoms and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect them. Here’s to doing what we can to make sure the people in power do their part to remember those sacrifices and continue protecting our freedoms.

our freedom going on, only this one is against private corporations filling the pockets of greedy politicians. We have individuals who represent corporations writing laws about how those corporations will behave, and the citizens are always the ones who suffer the most. Fortunately,


thanks to the freedoms we won during the Revolutionary War, we have the ability to fight back with our power to vote. Our right to vote in the United States is a foundation all of our other freedoms are built on. It’s a right we should practice, but also one we should value. In order to make sure you aren’t electing politicians who are in the pockets of private corporations, you need to do your research. Listen to what the candidates are saying, looking at their past actions,

–Brya n Shell

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