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The Power Behind OPTM Saratoga’s Mission to Help Others

complicated or difficult. It’s why I challenge myself with hobbies like golf and playing guitar. These all drive my self-development and that of others; I realized that the purpose behind my existence is helping others reach their full potential.” For OPTM Saratoga owner and physical therapist Dr. Fabrice Rockich, the sentiment of helping others rings true because of a lifelong calling he feels. He

At OPTM Saratoga, we want to be more than just a place for pain relief. Our patients are so much more than the ailments that plague them. They are spouses, parents, grandparents, young athletes, weekend warriors, and a litany of other things. Because we have such a diverse set of patients, we cannot simply be a practice that only provides one-time healing solutions. Instead, we provide lifelong healing solutions to every patient who seeks our help; we help them live full, wonderful lives. Our “why” statement at OPTM Saratoga is this: “Every person deserves the opportunity to pursue the aspiration that gives their life meaning.” We hire, work, and live by this statement because we don’t want our patients to feel like they are another commodity. We realize many patients are seeking relief so they can get back to the activities that bring them the most joy, like their weekly tennis game or playing with their grandchildren. We understand the drive to be better and live a happier, healthier life, and it’s something all of OPTM Saratoga’s employees understand and live by. Each one of us is committed to our “why” statement, but we each came to this realization through different experiences. Our clinical director, Dr. Ben Turner, explains that his drive comes from a commitment to others, which is something he learned during his college days. During college, Turner took it upon himself to tutor a classmate who was struggling in class. Together, they worked hard to discover what she was struggling to grasp and what solutions they could find. By the end of the semester, Turner’s classmate raised her grade from a failing one to an A. “Something clicked in my head. This is what I want to do ... I figured that out by looking at the things that make me happy, which led me to my choice to be a PT and a clinical instructor and a clinical director. It’s why I choose the right action even if it might be

“Weprovide lifelong healing solutions toeverypatient who seeks our help; we help them live full, wonderful lives.”

wants to make a commitment to himself and his well-being by putting forth positive contributions to his employees, patients, and community. Rockich funnels these efforts into mentorship for his employees and support for the community he serves on a day-to-day basis. Together, Rockich and the team continually give back to the community through volunteering and fundraising efforts.

It’s all part of what Rockich feels he was meant to do.

“To make a positive difference in this world — I truly believe that’s why I’m on this planet. That’s what I gravitated toward,” Rockich says. “My work to help people recover from injuries and restore movement allows them to perform the activities that give their lives meaning, whether it’s recreational or professional.” Everyone at OPTM Saratoga is passionate about what we do every day. We are proud to work with caring professionals and to have the opportunity to provide you with the peace, care, and compassion you deserve. Dr. Fabrice Rockich and Dr. Ben Turner

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