C+S April 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 4 (web)

Environmental solutions which aim to safeguard our planet for future generations have always been at the forefront of projects undertaken by leading wet civil engineering firm Land & Water. From cutting carbon to increasing biodiversity, Land & Water incorporates sustainable engineering strategies to maintain and enhance the UK’s waterways whilst protecting landscapes, water- scapes, and wildlife. It is no secret that the construction and civil engineering industries are LAND & WATER SAFEGUARDS THE ENVIRONMENT WITH ITS INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS By James Maclean

one of the key producers of CO 2 , that’s why it’s vital we play our part in addressing the issue and tackling climate change. With the UK government aiming to become net zero in terms of carbon emissions by 2050, and a number of our key Clients looking to achieve the same by 2030, Land &Water has prioritised its own strategic think- ing in order to streamline working practices and introduce a carbon reduction agenda. Recently we have been following a four step carbon reduction strategy to not only add value to the areas in which we work but to also identify low energy consumption operations which can bring about positive behavioral and environmental change, within the construction and civil engineering industries. It’s all about making smart moves to better the environment we live in. Step One looks at how we deliver our projects – do we actually need to deliver them or can we improve and maintain our waterway and estuarial infrastructure differently. Step Two looks at delivery, perhaps maintenance works can use digital mapping andAI to enable “little and often” low ener- gy consumption operations rather than heavy, footprint major campaigns.



April 2021

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