C+S April 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 4 (web)

5. Efficiency What is the battery life? If you tend to work long days in the field, the standard eight-hour battery life might not be enough; stopping to charge the batteries isn’t a practical so- lution. A controller with hot-swappable batteries will enable you to keep working seamlessly until you get the job done. More than just the means to manage your instrument and data, your survey controller is a high-tech piece of survey gear in its own right. Recent technology innovations give you more visibility into your data and easier access to your apps without compromising portability, durability or performance. Whether you’re upgrading your entire fleet of survey equip- ment or looking for other ways to improve your efficiency in the field, be sure to look at the latest survey controllers. Their ability to influence the speed and quality of your work might surprise you.

The combination of easy-to-use buttons and touch screen technology on the Leica CS20 field controller allows you to view 3D data and process data in the field, making it a solid choice for traditional surveying operations.

About the Author Bob Kilburn has a surveying background that encompasses many roles both in the field and office. He began his career as a Marine field artillery forward observer, then spent some time as a rod man and crew chief before moving into technology support and training for surveying equipment and software. Bob served as the Leica Geosystems survey sales and support representative in Wisconsin for five years and is now product and applications manager for the U.S. and Canada. In this capacity, he is focused on listening to your ideas, needs, and challenges to help find solutions that make your job easier and more productive. To talk to one of our experts and learn more about how to optimize your surveying potential with technology, get in touch with Bob or another surveying and engineering expert at Leica Geosystems.

The Windows-based Leica CS35 tablet has a slim yet robust design with a 10.1" screen and high-performance operation, making it ideal for surveyors who regularly work with complex 3D datasets and high-resolution imagery.

The new Leica CS30 tablet combines a 7-inch sunlight-readable multitouch screen with a durable, lightweight design, high-performance operation and hot-swappable batteries. Learn more.


April 2021


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