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uncompromising aesthetic, living buildings represent a new species of buildings that blends boundaries between the built environment and the natural world and necessitates creative, integrative engineering and architecture solutions to meet rigorous design challenges. https://www.aei-conference.org/ The Engineering Manager: Engaging Today’s Workforce april 12-13 This program focuses on providing a toolbox of essential skills any supervisor, manager, or team leader who needs to assist individuals and teams in their quest to reach high levels of performance. The course provides simple, direct solutions to the most common challenges managers encounter, such as, how to motivate others, when and how to coach, and dealing with non-performance. The most useful concepts in the behavioral sciences have been distilled into a basic approach to managing people and teams. In addition, special emphasis is placed on the changing nature of today’s workforce. https://www.asme.org/learning-development/find-course/engineering- manager-engaging-todays-workforce-(1) NASCC: The Steel Conference is the premier educational and networking event for the structural steel industry, bringing together structural engineers, structural steel fabricators, erectors, detailers, and architects. In addition to 150+ practical seminars on the latest design concepts, construction techniques, and cutting-edge research, the conference also features 200+ exhibitors showcasing products ranging from structural design software to machinery for cutting steel beams, and plentiful networking opportunities. One low registration fee gains you access to all of the technical sessions, the keynote addresses, the T.R. Higgins Lecture, and the exhibitor showcase. https://www.nascc.aisc.org/ NASCC: THE STEEL CONFERENCE april 12-16 ICIBE 2021: International Conference on Industrial and Business Engineering april 19-20 – Paris, france The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program. Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations. With its high quality, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers. http://icibe.org/ Expand Your Vision of Simulation at Ansys Simulation World 2021. Simulation World is for visionaries determined to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Learn how engineering simulation and digital mission engineering enable creators to explore limitless product system designs, freeing them to transform the world according to their vision. https://www.simulationworld.com/?utm_campaign=brand&utm_ Simulation World 2021 april 20-21

2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ONUNMANNEDAERIAL SYSTEMS INGEOMATICS april 2-4– India The UASG-2021 aims at bringing together different groups of organization representatives, experts in photogrammetry and remote sensing, surveying, robotics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering, geoscience, people from industry and academia, to discuss the current state of unmanned aerial advances, and the roadmap to their full utilization in Geoinformatics. https://new.iitr.ac.in/uasg2021/# We are just years away from reaching our goal of graduating 10,000 Black engineers annually by 2025. That means it’s time to take a holistic approach at developing the next generation of engineers and enhancing the NSBE experience for all. We are excited to introduce to you NSBE47: The Holistic Engineer – hosted virtually to bring together a showcase of the best of our talent, treasures, and more. https://convention.nsbe.org/ NSBE 47th Annual Convention april 5-9 The course introduces engineers, designers and construction personnel to the various procedures involved in the development and engineering of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P & IDs), Equipment Plot Plans, and Piping Arrangements. Additional material includes pipe sizing, pump calculations and piping stress analysis as covered by the B31 Codes. https://www.asme.org/learning-development/find-course/detail- engineering-piping-systems-(1)?productKey=VCPD0421:VCPD410 Elevating Doer-Sellers: Business Development for AEC Professionals april 6 Elevating Doer-Sellers: Business Development for AEC Professionals is specifically developed to help design and technical professionals in architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental firms become more comfortable managing clients and promoting the firm and its services. Led by two retired and current CEOs with extensive experience from the design desk to the board room, this one-of-a-kind seminar presents business development techniques proven to drive real growth and value in your AEC firm. Detail Engineering of Piping Systems april 5-14 https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/elevating- doer-sellers-business-development-for-aec-professionals-virtual- seminar-starting-april-4-2021?variant=38779972485271

aei conference april 7-9

The concept of living buildings has recently emerged as the new ideal for sustainable building design and construction. Defined as a building that generates all of its own energy with renewable, non-toxic resources, captures and treats all of its water, and operates efficiently with an



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