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ADLG’s ‘Big Little Lies’ Series: Season 1, Episode 3 Recap

ADLG’s ‘Big Little Lies’ Series: Season 1, Episode 3 Recap Family Law Theme: Therapy

In preparation for the new season of “Big Little Lies,” which was released on June 9, the team at Atlanta Divorce Law Group launched a new blog series to extrapolate numerous family themes addressed in season one. Below is a condensed recap of the third blog and episode “Living the Dream.” In this episode, “Big Little Lies” presents the audience with a number of family law themes,

but the main focus of this episode is therapy. Several of the characters reference therapy in episode three. Renata suggests to her husband that maybe they should take their daughter to a child therapist to help her deal with the school biting incident and fallout. When Jane talks to Madeline about her rape and subsequent pregnancy, she admits she has never spoken to anyone about the attack, let alone talked to a therapist about it. While Renata, Jane, and

Madeline talk about the idea of therapy, Celeste and Perry actually go to a therapy session to address the issues in their marriage. If you are having problems within your marriage or family, you do not have to deal with these issues on your own. A therapist can help provide guidance and emotional support when you need it most. Therapists, whether a child therapist or relationship therapist, can help you sort through the emotions and pinpoint the issues that are troubling you. They can help you process your feelings and gain perspective about what has happened, and why. Therapists can also help their clients develop coping mechanisms for dealing with emotions and stressful interactions and acquire the tools they need to mend/move on from relationships and build healthy futures. Therapy is an individual process; there are no standards when it comes to starting therapy or the length of treatment. To read about the family law themes present in the second episode, or to see some foreshadowing present in “Living the Dream,” be sure to go to


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