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DEC 2018


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I have a weakness for giving people gifts. In my professional life, it brings me a lot of joy to show my appreciation for my team and clients by giving flowers, food, and other little presents. However, when it comes to my personal life, I have some room for improvement. Two years ago, my dad and I both got 8-point bucks on a hunting trip. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have them mounted and give them to Dad for Father’s Day?” But coming up with the idea was easier than putting it into place. Father’s Day came and went — the antlers sat in my garage. My dad’s birthday passed in the same way. The holidays passed and came around again. It took two years of those antlers sitting in my garage before I finally got around to getting them mounted and framed. But once I did, my dad thought it was the coolest thing ever. They looked really good, and they meant a lot to him. Better late than never, right? Completing goals is a lot like giving an elaborate gift: I had a great idea, but I failed to follow through on the execution. No one else could do that but me. Goals and gifts have been on my mind as I put my game plan into place for 2019. Each year at about this time, I make 10 goals for myself. Why wait for the new year to start working on habits you want to change right now? Planning my goals in advance allows me to be invested in the day- to-day process of being my best and fulfilling my responsibilities now rather than after the new year. As I sat down to write my 2019 goals, there were so many things I was excited about that I thought, “Why don’t I do 19 goals for 2019?” To my team, this came as no surprise. But it allowed me to include some personal ones for the first time, like doing a Thanksgiving getaway and fishing, which is written in all caps on my list. (I’m going to make it happen.) Being invested in the process of being my best means setting and resetting goals to align with my overall vision. Putting my goals onto paper and then setting them in motion keeps me from falling into that letdown trap at the end of the year. Why would I put my goals on hold

for the holidays when I could start them today? Working toward them now makes me excited to come into the office and get to work.

This is also a period for reflection for me to think about what our firm has accomplished this past year, including the implementation of our Teacher Appreciation program. It’s officially launching next month! It’s been several months since my team and I came up with the idea, so I’m ready for it to start. I’m also eagerly anticipating putting our Makeovers for Moms program in place; it’s going to be so beneficial for the community! Gabriela was at the forefront of this program and we collaborated to make it happen. My team has been a HUGE part of actualizing all these goals. I couldn’t do this without them. My whole point is that it’s never too early to start your goals. Don’t wait until an arbitrary date arrives on the calendar to start working toward them. No more antlers sitting in the garage. What are you excited for in 2019?

–Russell Button




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