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12 March 2018 Flowing Forward

Getting to know Kep Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard that we’ve welcomed our first four-legged employee – and the first dog to be employed by an Australian water utility – who will work as a leak detection specialist. Now that Kep has hit the ground in Perth and started to settle in, we talked to one of her handlers, Nicola Williams, Associate Planner – Integrated Water Cycle in Asset Investment Planning Regional, whose home the springer spaniel is staying at while acclimatising to WA. “Kep is still very young but she has great focus for a puppy her age. We’re working on gradually building her stamina so that she will be ready for full days in the field,” said Nicola. “She’s still getting regular training, andmeeting all the different parts of the business, with groups around Water Corporation like Customer and Industry Partnerships and Perth Region Alliance helping me find locations for her to practise her skills. “When she’s off the clock she goes for a one hour walk every day, and is currently spending time between her dog run and the back yard. The dog run offers her a place she can switch off from all the smells in the back yard. “She loves human company and is quite affectionate. Of course I love her but we’re training her to be an independent, resilient dog, so this means pats are limited and only given by her handlers.” All about Kep • Kep is a female springer spaniel and her name was chosen by the Western Australian community. More than 7,000 people voted on Facebook to name the dog, with ‘Kep’ being the Noongar word for ‘water’. • Ten-month-old Kep arrived from Sydney in early March and has been trained to recognise the scent of scheme water, and ignore all other scents such as rain water, pipes and fittings. Her reward for finding the target scent is to chase a tennis ball.

Kep was out and about in Fremantle for a training session, and felt right at home taking a rest by a sign for the Museum of Water, which we sponsor. Kep is with one of her handlers and current homestay host Nicola Williams.

• Kep’s employment follows a successful trial of leak detection dogs in 2017 to find an alternative to traditional leak detection technologies in regional areas, which are often not cost effective. • She will also help spread important water saving messages to schoolchildren through our Waterwise Schools Program. For more photos of Kep, see page 2.

7th year in a row - we’re WA’s leading blood donor business Our people rolled up their sleeves in 2017 to retain the title of the largest blood donor in the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s Red25 Corporate Category.

We gave 853 blood donations last year to help save 2559 lives as part of the Red25 program. “I set the challenge to beat the previous year’s 750 donations and aimed for 800, and we ended up with 853, so Water Corporation really rallied well,” said our Red25 lead coordinator Chris le Juge de Segrais, Manager – Investment Support in Asset Investment. Chris accepted the trophy at the awards ceremony, also attended by fellow coordinators Peter Ryan, Application Delivery Manager in IT Operations, Kristan Norris, Senior Advisor – Corporation Risk Management and Zac Puzey, Team Leader – Operations, alongside our CEO Sue Murphy and Ashley Vincent, General Manager Assets Planning. “For next year, I’m reaching really high with the goal of getting 950 donations, and we’re talking about getting some good intergroup rivalry going among the general managers to help us achieve it. We’ll need a lot more donors to reach the target but what a great cause to get competitive over – saving lives!”

Chris said this year we started getting groups of graduates and vacation students donating. “It’s excellent to see the grads and students donating, as they are young and will hopefully continue to donate throughout their lives.” “One in three people will need blood in their lifetime – chances are they could be your workmate, neighbour or family member – so we need plenty of donations to keep supplies up.” To help us keep our top place in the Red25 corporate category and continue to save lives, why not join our team this year and donate blood? Chat to Chris Le Juge de Segrais on 9420 3168 to register. Donations are tracked online, allowing us to see how many lives we’re saving. For more information talk to Chris or visit donateblood.com.au/red25.

Our Red25 coordinators (left to right) Kristan Norris, Chris le Juge de Segrais, Peter Ryan and Zac Puzey.


We can’t get enough of Kep

Kep and Nicola visited Spearwood Alternative School to demonstrate how Kep will help us save water.

NicolaWilliams, Nova Bettes and Andrew Blair completed handler training in early March.

Kep is not only a highly skilled sniffer dog, but also very cute.

Move over AQUA… we’re getting a new content management system

A project to replace Water Corporation’s content management systems, including AQUA, is full steam ahead with planning and resourcing already underway. The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) project will be delivered in two phases to minimise impact to the business, with the first phase expected to be complete in late 2018. The project, run by Business and Technology Solutions (BATS), involves working with stakeholders around the business to replace our content management systems as part of improving document and record management, archiving and mobile accessibility. “This is an exciting step forward, as all users will reap the rewards as we deliver a more user friendly, efficient content management system,” said Jane Mitchell, Manager – Data Analytics through issues – and using Lean Six Sigma tools to identify the root causes and ways to address them really eased the process,” said Kathryn. “We gathered a cross section of regional and alliance representatives and SCADA team members, with the BI team facilitating to help ensure our proposed solutions were robust and addressed the core root causes. “We stepped through prepared process flow charts to map out the current key interactions and touchpoints between SCADA and operational areas and considered a series of business cases to better understand where we can improve. “We got a number of quick fixes that are helping us to better share information, find more engagement opportunities, process changes and clarify roles and responsibilities.”

Delivery in Business and Technology Solutions (BATS). Anticipated benefits include more digitised streamlined processes, enhanced search methods making it easier to find information, new workflow capabilities set up for reviewing and approving documents, and improved security features to keep us better protected against cyber threats. “We’re excited to start this project – it’s a win not only for BATS and Digital Transformation Group but for the whole business, because we have the opportunity to greatly improve our employees’ experience when it comes to content management and storage,” said Ed Riley, Head of BATS. “This project is a key part of our digital journey and is helping deliver a technologically advanced, more integrated and efficient way of working.”

Some of the ECM project stakeholders (seated left to right) Deanne McDonald, Sue Murphy, Annalien Stephens and Jane Mitchell; (standing left to right) George Byrne, Ed Riley and Reji Joseph.

Short, sharp and sweet – Lean Six Sigma problem solving gets results for Operations

A short and sharp problem solving workshop brought two parts of the business together to resolve issues that were causing unexpected disruptions in Operations Group. Kathryn Heaton, Manager – Operations Support in North West Region, knows the value of applying the Lean Six Sigma methodology to gain collaborative resolutions to issues from her experience participating in its ‘yellow belt’ accreditation program. She approached the Continuous Improvement team in Business Improvement (BI) to help the regions and SCADA use Lean Six Sigma tools to identify some process changes. They sought better awareness and visibility of SCADA activities and to reduce the impact of unanticipated changes on the control and monitoring of our assets. “A certain magic can happen when you get a group of people together with a real willingness to work

Some of the team members involved in the collaboration – (left to right) Steve Armitage, Jolene Tan, Russell Pascoe, Heiko Weck, Payman Kouchakpour, Kathryn Heaton and Raj Iyer.


Flowing Forward 12 March 2018

International Women’s Day 2018 International Women’s Day, on 8 March, is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

This year’s theme is #pressforprogress and the call to action is to make a personal commitment to act for gender parity in our own sphere of influence – like celebrating women’s achievements, challenging stereotypes and bias and influencing others’ beliefs and actions. The 2017 World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report findings indicate that, at our current rate of progress, gender parity is over 200 years away, so it’s high time we made better progress. “As you may have noticed in the media, the movement to bring forward change in gender and diversity parity is growing,” said Amanda Spiers, Head of People and Capability. “At Water Corporation we’re driving systemic, organisation-wide changes that will improve gender parity, and delivering programs which help to change the culture and mindset in accepting and valuing difference. On a more individual level, we’ve asked our people to commit to personal change as part of #pressforprogress. There are big actions, and small actions, but each action makes an impact.” Our 2018 Eva Skira scholarship for women leaders goes to Nicky Waite

Our People and Capability team embraced the #pressforprogress theme by choosing an action to focus on as shown on their selfie cards.

move ahead within Water Corporation and life generally,” said Nicky. “The scholarship gives me the opportunity to attend Harvard University and their Harvard Business School, a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am very grateful for. “Whilst in the USA, I thought it would be a great opportunity to tie in work experience with a water provider, so I’m spending time at Boston Water, which operates and maintains New England’s oldest and largest water, sewer and stormwater systems. “If I were to offer one piece of advice to anyone it would be to believe in and back yourself. Ask for things. If you don’t ask you don’t get and what’s the worst that can happen? They say ‘no’ and you’re no worse off. If they say ‘yes’ new opportunities or doors open.” Eva commented that in the not too distant future she hopes we won’t need a scholarship for women – that we will have achieved gender parity in our world, and especially in our workplaces.

Nicky Waite, Service Delivery Manager, South West Region (SWR) is the recipient of the 2018 Eva Skira scholarship for women leaders. The Eva Skira scholarship was established in 2017 in honour of Eva who retired as our Board Chairman at the end of 2016, and is all about supporting a female Water Corporation leader to undertake the right leadership program for her career and aspirations, and as an added bonus, have Eva as her personal mentor for the year. Nicky has been with Water Corporation since August 2012, in a number of roles and acting roles across the SWR. “I’m honoured to receive this scholarship and excited to work with Eva as my mentor – I’m hoping she will be able to provide an impartial perspective and help me brainstorm ways to With changes in technology and access there have been significant changes within STEM. However, I think that everyone has the ability to contribute to STEM and if the interest is there it shouldn’t matter whether they are male or female.” Caris Scanlan, Engineer – SCADA Design, SCADA “Maths and science were my strong subjects at high school. I had support from my family to pursue these fields, particularly my dad. There are challenges and benefits in any career regardless of gender, and in future hopefully being a woman in a STEM career is not seen as out of the norm. There needs to be less emphasis on gender and more on outlining the building blocks required to lead to a STEM career. It’s important that children are exposed to positive examples of men and women in STEM careers.”

Our CEO Sue Murphy, this year’s recipient Nicky Waite, Eva Skira and inaugural recipient Deanne McDonald.

Meet two of our women grads There are relatively few females studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and working in associated careers.

At Water Corporation, 31 per cent of our graduates are women and the great majority have STEMdegrees, but we have a way to go to see more females bringing their expertise in this realm. Here we meet two of our women graduates in STEM subjects and hear their thoughts. Claire Tennent, Graduate – Environmental Engineer, Asset Investment Planning Regional “One of my high school teachers suggested I consider engineering. My dad is a mechanical engineer and thought I may find environmental engineering interesting… he was correct!

Claire Tennent (left) and Caris Scanlan


Flowing Forward 12 March 2018

Check out the stories of our winners in the next edition of Flowing Forward . Roll of Honour


Think Safe, Act Safe Larry Mercuri, South West Region For his quick thinking efforts in saving the life of a person trapped in a sinking car. Highly commended : Leeuwin Treatment team – Allan Miller, Anthony Smith, Doug Peters, Graeme Jenkin, Josh Jackson, Justin Gardner, Matthew Tonnet, Scott Easton, Steve Henderson, South West Region One Team Brendon Archer, North West Region For travelling 400km to Port Hedland’s Yule Bore and working to restore power and ensure minimal impact on customers’ water supply. Highly commended: Wellington District Catchments team – Darren Groenheide, David Hetherington, Jason Rudolf, Maggie Sturges, Peter Buckley, Trent Wilkes, South West Region. Objective Risk Assessment Implementation team - Christopher Bryant, David Burton, Ebru Cotton, Ian Gibb, Ian Scott, Joe Standring, Jolanta Chlubek, Matt Allen, Michael Briggs, Pete Lam, Toby Smith, Asset Investment Planning Metro; Gerry McCourt, Jason Street, Asset Investment Planning Regional; Karen Riddette, Nicole Locke, Asset Strategy; Nathan Regan, Roger Ditewig, Business and Technology Solutions

Future Thinking Kemerton wastewater treatment team - Dean Puzey, Water Quality; Nigel Simmonds, Asset Investment Planning Regional; Wayne Bagg, Engineering. For their work to redesign and build a new denitrification filtration process that has led to a nitrogen output reduction of more than 50 per cent and established technology for future applications at other wastewater

Take Personal Ownership Rino Trolio, Paul Beard and Broome team, North West Region For their tireless work to minimise impacts on customers, and using creative solutions to ensure customers were kept informed and Water Corporation’s credibility intact after the wettest January ever recorded in Broome. Highly commended: Chevonne Wentzel, Great Southern Region Greg Hill, Goldfields and Agricultural Region Customer Focussed Brenda Frawley, Internal Communications For consistently going above and beyond expectations to deliver exceptional service to her customers in Business and Technology Solutions. She has a flair for developing creative, accessible and engaging communications about what is often complex and technical information. Highly commended: Kris Mellberg, Business and Technology Solutions

treatment plants. Highly commended: Dean Matusiak, Contact Centre Value Every Dollar

Projects South team - Alan Smallwood, Ben Colbran, Dean Italiano, Franco Angeloni, Keith Evans, Kevin Young, Matthew Hunt, Narelle Reid, Paul Thompson, Tony Addicoat, Vicki Duncan, South West Region For assessing Value Every Dollar on a daily basis with all their projects and saving more than ¤1 million across 13 projects from the approved estimates. Highly commended: Michael Overton, Project Management

Assets Delivery Group Adam Graham Anju Devkota (twice) Anna Pham Anne Furnell (twice) Lee Werlick Michael Overton* Musharraf Bhuiyan (twice) Nikhil Sangvikar Nisarg Shah (twice) Nominees

Finance and Corporate Services Group Gina Rossi (twice)

Ivana Stojanoski Jamie Collis Jarrod Shipway Jason Rudolf* Jean-Philippe Chellapen Jodie Coutts

Tony Addicoat Tom Cranny Travis Burgess Trent Wilkes* Trevor Stephen Trevor Turner Velia Wheare Vic Adoms Vicki Duncan Wayne Gandy Operations Services Group Andrew Bath Andrew Wyber Angela Donohoe Ben O’Brien Bradley Edwards Cameron Gordon Catherine Blake Dean Puzey Hollie Milton Jackie Garner Janet Crawford Ken Eade Kirby Cryer Louise Holbrook Matthew Bowman Meghan Andrews Melinda Posa Natalie Morris

Carilyne Hawkins Christie Boxshall Daniel Thompson Dave Clark Dean Matusiak* (twice)

Ian Pendlebury Nathan Webb Operations Group Alan Smallwood Allan Miller* Anthony Smith* Arvi Rengasamy Ben Colbran (twice) Bill Bydder Blaz Radovanovic Bradley Shand Brendon Archer Broome Depot Chevonne Wentzel* Chris Tonkin Christopher Gould Cleve Williams Colin Collier Colleen Skipworth Craig MacDonald Darren Groenheide* David Hatch (twice) David Hetherington* Dean Italiano Derek Host Detroit Norrish Doug Peters* Dustin Coombe Eric Vincent Franco Angeloni Glen Mcgregor Glen Toovey Craig Warner Dan Quinlan Daniel Allbeury

Debbie Moore Elaine Kreider Elissa Zisis

Joel Hardy Joel Tetlow Josh Jackson* Justin Gardner* Kane Hornsey Keith Evans Kelvin Williams Kevin Young Larry Mercuri Maggie Sturges* Mark Tate

Frank Langford Geoff Goadby Jacie Bowra Jacqueline Wimmer Jo Harvey Kelly Whitney Lee Pearson Leonardo Sanchez Melissa De Alvis

Paul Vuleta Ray Trinder Tony Hopewell

Matt Wiktorski Matthew Hunt Matthew Rigby Matthew Tonnet* Michael Martin Narelle Reid Parusu Ramakrishnan Paul Beard Paul Thompson Peter Buckley* Peter Sharpe Richard Donehue Rino Trolio Rose Comben Ross Duffield Rueben Mongoo Russell Fitzgerald Ryan Arlidge Ryan Harris Sandra Krzeminski Scott Easton* Shane Duncan Shaun Bazley Simon Griffiths Steve Henderson* Terrence Van Nieuwkerk Tim Brown

Phil Noonan Richard Koek

Trevor Coen Wayne Bagg Assets Planning Group Christopher Bryant*

Rob Molendijk Sinead Birdling Tahleesha Instance Terri Condo Verity Freeman Digital Transformation Group Andrew Munday Angela Cliff Cara Smith Christopher Brown Craig Gomez Dean Oates Hayden Raykos Jeffrey Crofts Kate Ranger Kris Mellberg* Lee Berry Nathan Regan* Nicholas Flett Roger Ditewig* Seema Subramonium Trish West Victor Morris

David Burton* Ebru Cotton* Gerry McCourt* Ian Gibb* Ian Scott* Jason Street* Joe Standring*

Jolanta Chlubek* Karen Riddette* Matt Allen* Michael Briggs* Nicole Locke* Nigel Simmonds Pete Lam* Toby Smith* Customer and Community Group

Neil Hooley Paul Prottey Penny Ham

Renee Lombard Shane Kennedy Tania Bauk Strategy and Stakeholders Group Chelsea Peck * Highly commended

Graeme Jenkin* Graham Wilcox Greg Hill* Irina Mouilleron

April Buttsworth Brenda Frawley

Flowing Forward is produced by the Water Corporation’s Customer and Community Group and is printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable based inks. This is an internal publication but it is possible it could be accessed in the public realm. Photos being submitted for publication must show people wearing correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the situation they are in. Story ideas are welcome via our online submission form on the Flowing Forward page on Waterfront , or email communications@watercorporation.com.au


Flowing Forward 12 March 2018

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