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We can’t get enough of Kep

Kep and Nicola visited Spearwood Alternative School to demonstrate how Kep will help us save water.

NicolaWilliams, Nova Bettes and Andrew Blair completed handler training in early March.

Kep is not only a highly skilled sniffer dog, but also very cute.

Move over AQUA… we’re getting a new content management system

A project to replace Water Corporation’s content management systems, including AQUA, is full steam ahead with planning and resourcing already underway. The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) project will be delivered in two phases to minimise impact to the business, with the first phase expected to be complete in late 2018. The project, run by Business and Technology Solutions (BATS), involves working with stakeholders around the business to replace our content management systems as part of improving document and record management, archiving and mobile accessibility. “This is an exciting step forward, as all users will reap the rewards as we deliver a more user friendly, efficient content management system,” said Jane Mitchell, Manager – Data Analytics through issues – and using Lean Six Sigma tools to identify the root causes and ways to address them really eased the process,” said Kathryn. “We gathered a cross section of regional and alliance representatives and SCADA team members, with the BI team facilitating to help ensure our proposed solutions were robust and addressed the core root causes. “We stepped through prepared process flow charts to map out the current key interactions and touchpoints between SCADA and operational areas and considered a series of business cases to better understand where we can improve. “We got a number of quick fixes that are helping us to better share information, find more engagement opportunities, process changes and clarify roles and responsibilities.”

Delivery in Business and Technology Solutions (BATS). Anticipated benefits include more digitised streamlined processes, enhanced search methods making it easier to find information, new workflow capabilities set up for reviewing and approving documents, and improved security features to keep us better protected against cyber threats. “We’re excited to start this project – it’s a win not only for BATS and Digital Transformation Group but for the whole business, because we have the opportunity to greatly improve our employees’ experience when it comes to content management and storage,” said Ed Riley, Head of BATS. “This project is a key part of our digital journey and is helping deliver a technologically advanced, more integrated and efficient way of working.”

Some of the ECM project stakeholders (seated left to right) Deanne McDonald, Sue Murphy, Annalien Stephens and Jane Mitchell; (standing left to right) George Byrne, Ed Riley and Reji Joseph.

Short, sharp and sweet – Lean Six Sigma problem solving gets results for Operations

A short and sharp problem solving workshop brought two parts of the business together to resolve issues that were causing unexpected disruptions in Operations Group. Kathryn Heaton, Manager – Operations Support in North West Region, knows the value of applying the Lean Six Sigma methodology to gain collaborative resolutions to issues from her experience participating in its ‘yellow belt’ accreditation program. She approached the Continuous Improvement team in Business Improvement (BI) to help the regions and SCADA use Lean Six Sigma tools to identify some process changes. They sought better awareness and visibility of SCADA activities and to reduce the impact of unanticipated changes on the control and monitoring of our assets. “A certain magic can happen when you get a group of people together with a real willingness to work

Some of the team members involved in the collaboration – (left to right) Steve Armitage, Jolene Tan, Russell Pascoe, Heiko Weck, Payman Kouchakpour, Kathryn Heaton and Raj Iyer.


Flowing Forward 12 March 2018

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