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smile, conversation, meal, and kiss! For your EVERY A PASSION FOR EXCELLENT SERVICE

Though I am relatively new to Putnam Dental Associates, I have been working in the dental field most of my professional career. I am originally from the Northeast, but my work took me to sunny Florida for many years where I worked for a dental practice management company

as the director of training. Though I enjoyed my work, I missed my family and our New York weather. So my husband, Tom, and I made the move back. Now, I work as the team lead for the front desk, and I couldn’t love my job more. Not only do I work side-by-side with my team, organizing schedules and pulling charts, but I also provide them with anything they could possibly need. Our biggest goal is to bring a wow factor to the patient experience, and it is one of the things in which we pride ourselves the most. When I first interviewed

training, I used to manage one specific dental office where I was able to greet and welcome our new patients. After I began training, I wasn’t able to do what I was truly passionate about, which is making patients feel like the No. 1 priority. Every single person who comes through our door has a story about bad customer service, but Putnam Dental will never be included in one of those stories. Our patients are people first and patients second. I feel so fortunate to be on a team where everyone is dedicated to providing excellent service and cultivating real, meaningful relationships.

for the position, I knew my experience in dental practice management would make me a great fit, but after I saw the way Putnam Dental Associates strives to provide impressed. I was looking to work for a dental office that offered an experience you couldn’t get anywhere else, and I found it. the best care possible for their patients, I was

Another thing we all take pride in is our ability to help people overcome their fear of the dentist. We work hard to show our patients they are in the best hands possible, and they know we genuinely care about their health and comfort. No one wakes up thinking they would love to go the dentist that day, but if we can take some of the fear factor away, our patients can look forward to getting the best treatment possible. We often forget how

My favorite part of my role is welcoming new patients to our practice. Before I switched to dental practice management


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