STAR PT: Back Pain and Difficulty Walking


October, 2018


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Back Pain with Matt Slimming, PT, DPT Dear Valued Client,

So, whether it is following asudden injury or achronic issue that has developed over time, physical therapy could be the answer to helping you enjoy life free of back pain. And the secret to success is learning to

approach recovery one step at a time. Walking Your Way Pain Free

Does going for a walk sound like a big pain in the back? For thosewhostrugglewithchronic back pain, even the basic task

Matt Slimming Physical Therapist

Walking is a great form of exercise, but more than that, it is anecessity of life.When you can’twalk, even basic tasks become complicated. Getting out of bed in themorning, getting to and fromwork, moving your way around the office, and even spending time with family on the weekends all rely heavily on your ability to walk. When your back pain begins to interfere with your ability to move around freely, then you know it is time to start doing something about it. Conveniently, walking is more than a goal when it comes to back pain, it could be part of the solution. Workingwithaphysical therapist todevelop improved strategies and techniques with your walking could help you to get back on your feet even sooner than you thought possible. What’s more, for those who are able to walk, getting on your feet more often with targeted exercises could help you find relief from back pain even sooner than expected.

of going for a walk can be overwhelming and painful. Backpain can strikeatany time.Whether in theupper back, surrounding the neck and shoulders, or in the lower back at the lumbar or sciatica, back pain is something that no one likes to deal with for too long. Relying on pain medications to help you overcome back pain will leave you disappointed. While pain medications are frequently helpful at alleviating the discomfort of your back pain for a short period of time, they are not capable of resolving the issue that is causing your pain to develop in the first place. The only thing that can actually fix your back pain is addressing the issue that is causing your pain head on. Physical therapy is a great resource for addressing your back pain and can be a helpful tool in getting you back on your feet.

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