Facial recognition software automates age verification Hospitality technology specialist Lolly has launched a new facial

recognition system – LollyVerify - which helps hospitality providers automate the process of verifying a customer’s age.

No picture is taken, however, a camera activates the system’s software which then compares digital face markers to ascertain the age of the purchaser and prompts the server with a ‘please verify age’ message if they are potentially below the age required. Lolly 0800 038 5389

Add Caribbean flavours to the menu with no worries about waste Operators looking to add a Caribbean twist to their menus can do it without any worries about waste with the new Caribbean Irie Eats range of individual portions from Funnybones. Delivered frozen in packs of six and wrapped in eco-friendly, heat stable packaging, there are five varieties available: a vegan-friendly Callaloo Stew, Rice ‘n’ Peas, Curried Mutton, Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork. Once defrosted, the meals can be kept chilled for up to five days. Funnybones Foodservice 01672 564099

Louisiana Seasoning adds flavour and profits Ceres has launched a new American-inspired Louisiana Seasoning to give added heat and flavour to a range of menu items. The seasoning can be sprinkled over freshly fried chips, rubbed into steak or pork, mixed with olive oil and used to marinate chicken and seafood, or added to mayonnaise. As well as adding a new dimension to menus, the seasoning can also help boost profits with an upsell on a portion of chips alone of just 49p bringing in an 80% gross profit. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Louisiana Seasoning is available in single 550g jars priced at £7.99 as well as packs of six at £34.99. Ceres Pure Food Innovation 0845 3711 522

Ice creams complement warm winter desserts To help keep ice cream sales buoyant during the winter, New Forest Ice Cream has introduced two new flavours that complement hot desserts. Spiced Fruit Shortcake is a brandy-based ice cream containing sultanas, cinnamon, mixed spice and orange peel that pairs perfectly with a treacle tart or a warming pear tarte tatin. Alternatively, for an alcoholic milkshake, operators can add two scoops of ice cream to a blender, along with a splash of milk and a good slug of brandy, and pour into a tall glass and top with whipped cream. Chocolate Orange flavour, meanwhile, features a zesty orange ripple to sit alongside a warming sticky toffee pudding or an autumnal crumble. Suitable for vegetarians, and made in a nut free environment, the ice creams come in 4.75 litre tubs. New Forest Ice Cream 01590 647 611



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