It is no longer about a single solution, but a fully integrated offering providing the customer with a seamless experience when ordering products and services irrespective of their age and how they want to interact with technology. We call it a digital journey. If a customer is happy with the service, be it digital or personal interaction, they will doubtless return time and again. What are the latest innovations to come from Lolly? We recently launched LollyVerify, which helps hospitality providers automate the process of verifying a customer’s age. The tool confirms the age of an individual who purchases a product that has been flagged as age-restricted (for example alcohol), within the Lolly database. This uses a clever algorithm that continually learns and improves its accuracy. We have also launched a LollyBot robot waiter, which follows many months of development and has been designed to support a busy hospitality environment, in particular, waiting-on staff. The robot, which is able to operate for a whole evening, can take food from the kitchen to a table in a restaurant, navigating obstacles and people on its journey.

Are you confident in the future of technology and what do you

think will come next? Totally confident. The world has massively changed over the last

few years, and it will again. We’re moving into a world with robots and AI, we have to learn to co-exist with them – and how to add even greater value to the customer. They are all designed to streamline the customer experience.

are here to stay. Exciting times.

customers to understand their carbon impact through the food choices they make, to giving guidance around the allergens and calorific content of their orders. We want the customer to feel empowered, and technology such as ours is easy and intuitive to use. Is EPoS affordable for fish and chip shops and what are the benefits? Absolutely! In fact, the more superior systems should be helping operators to create greater throughput, making them even more efficient and profitable.

Which products are you finding most popular in fast food environments? Online ordering apps that take seamless service to the next level by delivering an all-in-one, easy-to-use pre-order, loyalty and payment solution. Our Lolly app, launched in November 2021, is proving to be extremely popular and already has more than 50,000 users. Available for both Apple and Android devices, the app is highly intuitive and fully integrates with all existing Lolly PoS and self-serve applications. How can technology help with the customer experience? That’s what it’s all about. From helping

Tell us about your fully integrated digital solution? EPoS as a standalone product is legacy.

Resistance to future change is futile, and I believe robot waiting-on staff are here to stay.



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