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Meet Celina! One of Our Expert Physical Therapists


“Running is an important part of my life. It keeps me healthy and happy. After my hamstring tore, I had a lot of pain, was unable to run, and became very depressed. Laura and the team at OPTM Saratoga are amazing. They knew how hard to push me to help me

At OPTM Saratoga, we strive to create a positive, comfortable environment for our patients’ recovery. We pride ourselves on being able to chat, laugh, and collaborate with you on your way to wellness. Over the weeks, your physical therapist will become personally invested in your case and dedicate themselves not only to healing your injury, but also to improving your overall health.

achieve my goals. I appreciated how they listened to me and spent quality time with me. I felt supported by the entire team — like I was part of the family there. Thanks to Laura and the OPTM Saratoga team, I am a very happy runner once more.”

–Janis Riccomini

“On Sept. 19, 2016, I had a complete shoulder replacement. After six weeks, I started my range of motion therapy with Phil and Todd

The people we serve inspire us to come into work excited to face whatever new challenges and unique personalities they bring. Certainly that’s the case with Celina Wildemann, one of the most outgoing, friendly faces around the clinic. “We get to work with so many different people,” Celina says. “Everybody has their own story, and their own reason why they’re here. It’s cool to be able to really get to know our patients — their backgrounds, their struggles — and help them get back to their normal lives.” By high school, Celina knew she wanted to work in the medical field, but she wasn’t quite sure which path to take. When her sister clued her in on the physical therapy field, her interest was piqued. “One of the draws of PT from the start was the way you get to know your patients,” she says. “It’s not like a doctor’s office where you pop in, see them for 15 minutes, and send them on their way. You build a real relationship, establishing mutual trust over several visits. Really, you just get to make a bunch of friends!” Celina started out as an intern at OPTM Saratoga while she was still in PT school and quickly became a full-time therapist after she gained her license. “They were looking for a team player, an upbeat, happy person to join a patient-focused clinic,” she says. “I said to myself, ‘This is the perfect place for me!’”

twice a week for six weeks. My surgeon and I were very pleased with the range of motion I had achieved. I then started my strengthening therapy twice a week for six weeks. This also went very well for me. I was unable to do very much with my right arm after my surgery. I had to use my left arm to shower, wash my hair, shave, brush my teeth, eat, and pretty much everything else. I am now back to doing most things with both arms. I was given a home workout plan during and after my physical therapy was complete. Phil and Todd were both very knowledgeable and caring in getting my range of motion and strength back in my arm and shoulder. They both did an exceptional job. I am very grateful to them. Thank you, Phil and Todd.”

–Greg Sparrer

“When I first walked into OPTM Saratoga, I literally hobbled over to Todd. I hurt my knee dancing and had gone to three doctors, had an MRI, and finally, the last doctor (Dr. Parker) told me to go to PT at OPTM Saratoga.

“Todd is an absolute blessing and a miracle worker. He helped me so much that I cannot believe how I have a normal knee and leg now. And I have no pain after only two weeks of therapy, twice per week! He is amazing and knew exactly what to do to make me whole again. He gave me exercises and ensured I was doing everything the right way. The manipulation of my knee that he did in each session was just incredible. He is incredible. “Before this PT with Todd, I could not walk. I had to hold onto the walls to get from one step to the other. I cried in pain for over two months! I could not walk up the stairs, and the pain I had getting out of bed was horrific. I thought I had to have a knee replacement. “Thanks to Todd, I am now walking up and down the steps very quickly, and I have no pain. All I do is smile and thank my lucky stars that Todd was the one who walked out to greet me that day.”

We agree! Since joining the team in 2016, Celina’s been an instrumental part of our day-to-day, offering positivity and compassion to her patients with an infectious enthusiasm. We are lucky to have her!

–Bernadette T. Reed

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