IRS Trouble Solvers - January 2022


“My plinking hobby helps me stay in tune with my professional work as well as provides me with a healthy escape while enjoying something I love.”

January is National Hobby Month, and in more ways than one, a favorite hobby of mine relates to my passion and craft: fighting and negotiating with the IRS on your behalf to obtain the most favorable outcome. Let me explain. For about 10 years now, I’ve enjoyed plinking, an addicting activity of sport shooting at metal targets. The thrill of challenging myself to hit certain targets from different distances, in varying weather conditions or in a variety of areas, captivates me. When I hit a metal target, hearing the familiar “plink” when the projectile makes contact is the response I need to know that I hit my mark. When dealing with the IRS, that instant gratification is lost because there is not a clear, instantaneous, and reassuring “plink” to confirm our success. Instead, we must wait for the IRS to come back with a rebuttal, then the back-and-forth negotiations begin. It takes much longer to hit our mark instead of receiving an automatic response when plinking.

but every once in a while, a different scenario takes place. Maybe I find myself in different lighting, weather conditions, or terrain that impacts my course of action. Dealing with many different scenarios with the IRS opens the doors up to navigating new waters, but you learn from it. When preparing for plinking, there is much to be done to secure the area to make sure it is safe, just like a great deal of preparation goes into initiating an IRS case. Once I’ve wrapped up shooting for the day, I can’t just wipe my hands and walk away. I must ensure that everything is cleaned up and safely stored. When it comes to finishing a case out with the IRS, there is much to be done in the aftermath to safely close everything out. When trusting a tax resolution expert to take on your case, it is important to find someone with a lot of experience who has been through multiple different distinguishing issues and scenarios so they can be quick and nimble to respond. My plinking hobby helps me stay in tune with my professional work as well as provides me with a healthy escape while enjoying something I love. It gives me something to look forward to and get excited about while honing in on my skills. It’s a physical and mental escape that never gets old! What hobbies do you enjoy? Happy Hobby Month! -Ben Golden

JAN 2022

When working toward a resolution with the IRS, the only directing factor toward success is our experience. Whereas, with plinking, I know where I hit the target and whether or not I was too far left, too far right, or right on point to direct my shot the next time around. And, just like with negotiating with the IRS, repetition comes into play with shooting,



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