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“That’s a face only amother could love—and she’d be lying.”

ever seen. I remember a time when some men were doing work on the house, and one of them couldn’t find the big bag of nails he’d left lying around. Turns out, Nick had swiped the bag and buried it out in the yard. Whenever he got the desire, he’d burrow under the fence and go tour the neighborhood, after which we’d get a call from somebody 20 miles away letting us knowwhere he’d ended up.

That’s what my law school roommate Mike Donahue used to say about my beloved first English bulldog, Max. But that didn’t stop him from encouraging Max to stick his face in the lasagna I’d stepped away from for a minute. I bought the big lug (the dog, not the human) in mid-winter — stupidly I now realize—while we were living on the third floor of our apartment. He’d whine and whine to go outside, and usually, when we let him out, he’d just pee right there on the landing or the neighbor’s little carpet. Obviously, it wasn’t the best place or timing to take care of my first dog on my own, but hey, that“face only a mother could love?”It was a big, dopey face I just couldn’t resist. Max was my first foray into an all-out bulldog obsession. By now, I’ve seen four come and go, marking key periods of my life with their constant companionship. I had one that chewed the whole arm off an upholstered easy chair. Another destroyed an entire corner of my parent’s stairs. They all got into much trouble despite their sweet dispositions and

Rocky andGarrett

Actually, since my bulldog Kodi died a couple years ago and Abby, the

innocent look. And any bulldog has the unique talent of almost instantly clearing a roomwith its flatulence. Unfortunately, with their scrunched-up faces, they don’t tend to live long, plagued with disorders like sleep apnea and COPD. Ask me to explain just what endears me to the slobbery dogs, and I’ll find it difficult to answer, except to say everything . They’re friendly, loyal, and can put up with any annoyance you throw at them. And then there’s that face, flopping jowls and all. When I was a little kid, I had a dog sleeping next to me most nights. First, there was our German shepherd, Lady, a gentle protector who’d watch over me while I played in the yard. Then we had Rosco, a goofy mix between a Pekingese and longhair dachshund or something, who was tragically run over when I was about 12. When we moved to South Carolina for one summer, we adopted a Siberian husky named Nick. That guy dug more holes than any dog I’ve

miniature schnauzer I inherited frommy dad, passed away more than a year ago, this is the longest I’ve been without a dog in the house for some time. Amy’s been talking about getting another one for my birthday, but with her regularly traveling out of town to take care of her parents and me being busier than ever at work, it’s just not the right time. But you can bet that when it is, we’ll have a new furry friend. Luckily, my kids are getting dogs of their own for me to enjoy and not have to pay for! First, there’s my stepson Jackson and his fiancee Britney’s new Cane Corso, Riley. She’s a big ol’beast, a gentle giant of sorts. Then there are my stepdaughter Whitney and her husband Robby’s dogs, Nola (for New Orleans) and Brees, named after New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees. They’ve got them trained so whenever the Saints score a touchdown, the dogs will come up and give them a chest bump. It’s hilarious. Finally, there’s my“grand-pug”Nug, the new face of our monthly recipes on page 3. He was brought home the tail end of January by my son Garrett and his wife Holly. They were visiting us from Fairfax a fewweeks back, and if I’m being honest, I was just as excited to meet the pup (if not more so) as I was to see my own flesh and blood!


Kodi and Garrett

But that’s the way it goes, isn’t it —with a face like that, how could you not?

–Jim Monast

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