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Regardless of what we make our life’s focus, be it our careers, our families, or anything else, we all need a hobby to help us unwind, relax, and explore the world around us in some way or another. Some guys pheasants, while still others wile away the hours with endless little improvement projects around the house. Me, I spend as much free time as I can up in the air, piloting airplanes. fix up old trucks, some guys hunt

As I grew up a little, and kids turned their attention to sports or other activities, my passion for planes only grew in intensity. I amassed a huge collection of model aircraft, spending hours and hours painstakingly assembling fuselages and attaching wings, painting the finished products in the style of their original designs. Eventually, I graduated to remote control planes, mastering the intricacies of takeoff and landing, while learning more and more complicated aerial stunts. As soon as I was old enough, I started working towards getting my pilot’s license. Actually, I could fly a plane before I could drive a car. In junior high, I joined the Civil Air Patrol, an organization tasked with search and rescue missions, responding to air beacons, and looking for downed aircraft. Though I stopped doing it in high school due to time constraints, it was an incredible experience for a budding pilot. Since then, I’ve owned a couple different planes and flown a vast array of different aircraft. One of my favorite types of planes to fly are called sailplanes. These gliders have a massive wingspan but no engine to speak of. I’ve spent a lot of time racing those, figuring out the thermals and how to stay afloat. Though there’s no engine, in good weather you can stay up in a glider for hours and hours. Often the only problem is having to use the bathroom. The mechanics of flight fascinate me, and the sheer freedom that comes while I’m up in the air is an experience I wish more people

“Actually, I could fly a plane before

I could drive a car.”

had the opportunity to access. Definitely, as a hobby, nothing beats looking down at an ant-sized Earth, cruising just below the clouds,

Like a lot of kids, I became obsessed with aircraft at a young age, poring over picture books depicting bulky P-40 Warhawks and wide-winged reconnaissance planes. I dreamed of the drama and freedom of flight, of breaking through the clouds to see the landscape stretching in all directions. When I was about 10, friends of our family, who knew about my aeronautical obsession, offered to take me up in their Cessna 182, a popular jack-of-all-trades airplane. I jumped at the chance. As we lifted off, I stared out the window, wide-eyed, at the dwindling airport as it fell away. I think it was probably that first flight that cemented flying as my lifelong hobby.

mind completely absorbed by the task at hand.

—Bryce Angell

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