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Have a Tickle in Your Throat? 2 Strange Cold Remedies for the Winter Season

more as a reminder for the healthy to steer clear of their feverish neighbors. But hey, at least the scarf will keep you warm during a bout of the shivers! You’re Hot Then You’re Cold This holistic approach supposedly clears nasal congestion for a restful night’s sleep. Simply soak your feet in warm water until they’re hot and pink. While you’re sitting, let a pair of socks rest in a bowl of ice water. Wring them out, then pull them over your warm feet. Immediately add another layer of dry socks and hop into bed! But Does It Work? Maybe! This approach is a standard practice in hydrotherapy. Your body is surprised by the sudden change in temperature and increases its circulation rate. This could help clear your nasal passages and jump-start your immune system. Licensed acupuncturist Anne Carruth described her experience with this method on For her, the treatment “nips a sore throat in the bud” and has helped her “get over lingering cold and flu symptoms.” In the end, whether you’re experimenting with socks or just taking another dose of Nyquil, it’s important to fight your cold when it arrives. Get adequate sleep, drink plenty of fluids, and warm up a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Your body will thank you!

The cruel winds of winter swirl just outside your window, leaving traces of frost on each pane. You stoke the fire and curl up in the velvet armchair nearby, eager to finally start that Agatha Christie novel. But as you stir your tea and pull on a pair of wool socks, you feel a slight tickle in the back of your throat. Frantic, you reach for your trusty onion necklace and blare Pandora’s jazz station. Yes, it’s as strange as it sounds. Among the countless cold remedies in the world, there are some that involve an extra-large helping of lizard soup and others that require a supply of powdered frog skin. But most of the time, these superstitions do little or nothing to combat your infections. Take these two sock remedies, for instance. A Dirty Lard Scarf Some home-remedy enthusiasts encourage their infected friends to grease their necks with chicken fat or lard. After their skin is sufficiently coated, the afflicted then wrap their necks with dirty socks. Warm and a little sticky, the sick were supposed to sweat out their germs. But Does It Work? Probably not. This remedy supposedly surfaced in England before drugs and vaccines helped eliminate contagious illnesses like strep throat and diphtheria. While sweating does help rid the body of unwanted bacteria and germs, the dirty sock adornment served

We collectively raised $950 for a global event called Work Out for Water. Our money helped UNICEF build two water pumps in a village in East Africa. We helped provided clean drinking water to an entire village! Thank you. CLUB HAPPENINGS Here’s what happened at Fore Court in November and December of 2017.

We had a blast on Thanksgiving in SPRINT and in a 90-minute workout extravaganza!

We installed a new group fitness floor!

Last, we held advanced instructor training. Our group fitness team is constantly challenging themselves so they can provide the best workouts possible for our group fitness participants.

New tennis instructors: Bryant University graduate Oliver Welsh and Temple University graduate Galina Plunkett.

Two new personal trainers with extensive obstacle course training experience: Austin Lariviere and Adam Wolny. Look for some boot camps starting soon!

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