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issue no 52 | november 2012

LEVERAGING ON BENEFITS OF OD Shambhavi has more than 14 years’ experience in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development,managing HR and OD teams globally as Director HR and HR business partner. She has worked across Telecom, IT, Manufacturing and Banking sectors. With a research background in Strategic HRM, she has been responsible for designing and implementation of the competency mapping processes, balanced score card, leadership development framework and learning and development processes. Shambhavi has presented papers in national and international forums on various HR topics. She has won the HR leadership award, IT HR excellence award, Best HR business partner awards, among others. She is currently working as a consultant and an entrepreneur. THE OD CONNOISSEUR’S ORATE Dr. Shambhavi Sharma The thought of expanding horizons through organizational development itself leaves us with the question - what is OD and do we really leverage on the bene!ts of OD processes? From evolution to re-invention: The business today is expanding and evolving, we now see big time mergers and acquisitions across the industry. Technology sector is also merging to become lean and e"ective. Hence the current journey of OD continues to re-invent itself to contribute to the organization's strategic deliverables. In simple terms OD can be de!ned as a planned, organization-wide e"ort to increase e"ectiveness and viability. This can include HR and OD processes like performance management, leadership development, 360 degree, upward feedback, climate and culture survey etc. These changes have led to evolution of HR processes.

Learning and development is no longer a privilege of one organization, it is a resource pool available across organizations and geographic boundaries. Best practices are now bench-marked and leveraged to optimize on resources and cost. OD processes now !nd place regularly in the board roommeetings. Simply because investment in OD means investment in people and ‘people’ are the only tangible and appreciating assets! The value an organization derives out of OD processes would directly depend on the vision and long-term mission of the organization and the commitment from the management team. It also depends on

direction in which they would want to drive the organization. While we are now convinced that the return on investment is huge, we should not be expecting short-term results out of these interventions. Organizations should not directly jump into these interventions just because it is the ‘in thing now’ and all other competitors are doing it! The success of these interventions would depend on the maturity level of the organization itself and the value it perceives to create! For example - when you conduct 360 degree or upward feedback it is important that we have corrective action plan in place for each feedback received; else it would be a waste of e"ort. When ‘creating a robust performance management system’ is the agenda - the management should be able to let go of weak performers starting from the top. Once these issues are addressed the focus of OD interventions becomes very clear. OD interventions can become the organization’s pivot to drive performance and business, automatically translating itself to bottom-line! Expanding horizons through OD is already a reality; it is just a matter of being able to accept this and get going!


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