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Deep down, you know the irate caller will probably not be a repeat customer because you’ve seen it happen before. And it gets worse — it’s a proven fact that, on average, a customer will tell 10 of their friends about their bad experience. Maybe you send someone out to clean the tent and make the customer happy, but the sting of the phone

The key to success is to never let a dirty top leave your building. You may be a bit skeptical that this can be accomplished. But we know it’s possible, and for $8,500 we will be your partner in guaranteed success. Most tent rental companies are faced with a myriad of costs to keep their tent tops clean. Throughout the year, you must pay people to scrub them. After a rainy weekend, it always costs a little more to get everything

clean in time for the next weekend. Returning to a customer’s site to clean a top is never a pleasant cost to incur. The cost of not having a washing machine is easily more than $8,500 a year. Additionally, try the machine for up to 3 years. If you find you need a larger machine, trade it in for what you originally paid.

Mighty Mini owner since 2010

call — and the potential fallout — lingers. Secretly, you know this will not be the last time a customer complains about a dirty tent top. Most tent rental business owners have had this feeling at one time or another. We started a tent rental company in 1997 and within two years we were faced with the same reality. Then one day we made a vow to never offer a customer a dirty tent again. Since that day, over 250 tent rental companies across the world have used the tent washing machines we developed to eliminate the hassles of dirty tents in their business.

“One wash made this tent top from 2002 look as good as the tent top from 2016.” –DAVID DECUBER OF PARTY REFLECTIONS


We are offering you a special partnership opportunity to get started with the Mighty Mini tent washing machine. Just plug it in, attach two hoses, and start washing. Included is a hot water heater and enough detergent to wash over 180,000 square feet of tent tops. Your cost to try this machine for the first year is only $8,500* .

Included: 90-day money-back guarantee and 5-year parts and workmanship warranty.

Done with irate calls? Dirty tents? Having no inventory in the busy season? Do what over 250 companies across the world have done and partner with someone who can help take some of the pain out of growing your company. Get started now! This offer expires February 5th, 2018.


*Lease is for qualified customers. Pay only $100 for the first 3 months you own the machine. Then pay $910 per month* for the remaining 9 months. Lease payment based on 57 payments of $910 per month and the first three payments at $100 per month.

“What the machine does that you can’t do by hand is get all the stitching and webbing and strapping glistening white — that’s been a great thing!” –STEVE TRAUBE, TRAUBE TENTS AND STRUCTURES

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