Bob Drake Catalog 30


From humble beginnings in Southern California to a bigger home in Southern Oregon, Bob Drake Reproductions has always been built on a dream. Most people wish they could turn their hobby into a profitable business, and Bob Drake managed to do just that. He took his passion for early Fords and his concern over the lack of decent parts available to restore those legendary cars and saw an opportunity.

It all started with Glove Boxes and Gas Caps

Bob and his wife Pat started out producing glove boxes for 1933-34 Fords in their garage in Woodland Hills, CA. Then he developed his famous early Ford locking gas caps and soon the business outgrew the space he had at home. In the mid-seventies the business was moved into a facility in Canoga Park, CA, where he continued to expand his growing line of early Ford parts. In the early days he traveled the west and beyond to swap meets, car shows and parts stores to sell his goods.

Bob assembling one of his famous locking gas caps

Bob in front of the Canoga Park facility in 1977

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