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Interactive Systems Research Group (ISRG)

The Interactive Systems Research Group focuses on the development of new technologies for the cognitive and physical rehabilitation of users within the real world. This is a multi-disciplinary endeavour bringing together researchers and clinicians in virtual environments, serious games, games based learning, assistive technologies, location based services, mobile applications, robotics, health psychology and contemporary media.

Our research interests include:

· Serious games and virtual environments: Developing virtual environments and games for promoting cognitive and perceptual skills in people with intellectual disabilities, to change attitudes and behaviours in health and social related contexts, and for stroke rehabilitation. Assessing the efficacy of serious games in educational and health contexts to address one of the major barriers to their adoption. · Assistive technologies: Improving the accessibility of solutions and related services, and to determine whether the latest access techniques and new interaction modalities will provide a more accessible, more exploitable and deeply embeddable approach in mainstream ICT. · Robotics: Investigating the role of engagement in using robots with students with profound and multiple learning disabilities, the use of assistive technologies in controlling robots and the development of intelligent multimodal systems to promote communicational skills. · Location-based services: Investigating the role of location-based and games technologies for route learning and the development of accurate spatial mental models and maps to develop improved confidence and abilities in independent travel for people with a wide range of disabilities. · User-centred design and user experience: Designing interactive systems involving users in the design phase and delivering a system which has focused on User Experience goals such as: satisfying, enjoyable, engaging, pleasurable, exciting, challengeable and rewarding. · Smart devices for education: Investigating the use of tablet computers in education and developing apps and methods to integrate the use of technology within the classroom.

Further details on related research projects can be viewed on the ISRG website (http://isrg.org.uk/projects/) or by contacting Professor David Brown (david.brown@ntu.ac.uk).

Research Dissemination Events: ISRG is a founding member of the annual Interactive Technologies and Games conference (http://itag.gamecity.org) (ITAG). ITAG brings together academics and practitioners working with interactive technologies to explore and innovate within the areas of education, health and disability. It is an affiliated conference to the International Society of Virtual Rehabilitation and closely linked with Game City, the annual NTU computer games festival. For more details, contact Professor David Brown (david.brown@ntu.ac.uk)

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