NHM - Head of Masterplanning & Projects


The Natural History Museum – with its vast collection and pioneering research programme – is one of world’s great museums and in a world facing global environmental challenges, it is powerfully placed to engage audiences with the science they need to know and the decisions we need to make. The Museum’s principal purpose is to challenge the way that people think about the natural world – its past, present and future – and this is embedded in the Museum’s big narratives – Origins and evolution, Diversity of Life, and Sustainable futures – which trace a path from the origins of the solar system to the uncertainties of the future, taking in along the way a compelling vista of our planets natural richness. To deliver this purpose the Museum launched a new strategy in early 2015 setting out a five year journey that lays the foundation for two further decades of development. This will transform how the Museum creates scientific knowledge and shares the benefits of scientific research, how the collections are developed and curated for the benefit of future generations and how engaging with science becomes a part of everyone’s lives and integral to the nation’s culture. Underpinning the delivery of the strategy, a Masterplan is being developed and implemented, building on the major achievement of the Darwin Centre, which fundamentally changed how the visiting public engage with the collection and scientific research that had previously been somewhat invisible to the general public. The Masterplan centres around four major refurbishment projects: the Grounds Transformation Project, the Hintze Hall, a new Earth and Planetary Sciences Centre, and opening up the Waterhouse Link Corridor. In addition, a long-term solution for collections storage, supplemented by public access and engagement, is being sought, which may partially take the form of offsite storage. Over three distinct phases, these projects along with several supporting projects, will lay the groundwork for further Museum developments, in particular gallery refurbishments, culminating in a revitalised and workable estate for the Museum. The Museum is seeking to make the key appointment to the post of Head of Masterplanning and Projects to lead the development and implementation of the Masterplan.

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