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to an unfamiliar word. Example: My dog Buck travels everywhere with me. My friend’s canine buddy travels everywhere with him, too. Some signal words that help the reader know when a synonym is coming are: also, as, identical, like, likewise, same, similarly, too . 2. Antonym: A type of definition clue where a word or phrase defines or explains the word that comes before it. Example: We saw constellations, or groups of stars, at night. Some signal words that help you find an appositive definition are: but, however, instead, though, unlike . Exercise: Explain that this exercise is done individually. Students will read each sentence and determine which column it goes in (definition, appositive definition, or example) and write it in that column. Supervise and assist as students complete the exercise. When all students are finished, ask volunteers to identify which column they put a sentence in and what clues the sentence gives about the meaning of the underlined word. Part 6: Writing Exercise (Remaining Time) Tell the students that they get to be the author in Unit 11 of their Language Arts Student Workbook . They read the five words on each line. Instruct them to circle a synonym and underline an antonym for the first word of each line. For each set of words, they will write 1-2 sentences including the two synonyms on lines labeled “S” and 1-2 sentences with the two antonyms on lines labeled “A” below.

Encourage them to use the signal words they learned. Here are examples: 1) S: My race begins at 3:00. My sister’s race also starts at that time. 1) A: The race will begin at school but will end at a park. 2) S: When I am sad, my dog is as unhappy as I am. 2) A: Even though I was sad to lose, I was excited to try again. 3) S: My teammates are kind to me, likewise, I try to be nice to them. 3) A: Unlike my kind dog, my friend’s cat is mean. 4) S: My neighborhood is quiet, like a silent desert. 4) A: Pat’s mother asked him to be quiet. However, he continued to be noisy.

Reading Assignment Tell students to finish Chapter 9 in the Ventures into New Views reader and Vocabulary Workbook.

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