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Remembering My Girls’ First Move Ins This semester, my oldest daughter, Rachel, is a junior at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, and my youngest daughter, Anna, started her first year at Fordham up in the Bronx.

1/2 hours away. When we finally got there, it was around midnight. They didn’t have a specific time we had to be there, but we had to wait until the following morning to unload her things, as the campus’s doors weren’t open. We had booked a hotel for the night, so we could be at the campus to unload right when the doors opened up. While we were checking in, another father and daughter came in behind us, and I overheard them saying, “That was really good, and no one else was there!” My ears immediately perked up. I went over and asked them what they were talking about, and the father explained that they had just finished unpacking his daughter’s things at Blacksburg’s dorms. I asked, “What do you mean? We can’t start until tomorrow morning.” He tells me, “Oh, no no no, the card works. You can do it right now.” things. I think the only downside to the whole thing was that the dorm had no elevators, and she was on the third floor. But it was midnight and not nearly as uncomfortably hot as it was going to be the following day at noon. We had everything unpacked in the next 2 1/2 hours and, when everyone else was struggling through the heat the next day, Rachel had finished setting all her things up. This year, we didn’t have to worry about Rachel at all; being a junior now, she’s got it down. Ben’s having a great time at home all by himself, but like any 13-year-old, he wasn’t looking forward to another school semester. We finished checking in, drove right over to the dorms, and started unpacking Rachel’s

My son, Ben, just started eighth grade. We’re a couple months into this year’s school semester, but I’ve been thinking a lot about getting everyone settled in those first weeks. I think the most interesting move was taking Anna to Fordham and dropping her off. The people there were something like a military operation; everything was on time and happened without a single hiccup! Each student had an assigned time they had to be there, and we decided it’d be best to show up early. When we got there, before I even had a chance to park the car, I had already talked to three people who were telling me where to go: “You’re here early? No problem! Here’s what you’ll do …” When we finally pulled up to the dorms, the woman in charge came over to the car and asked who we were. She blew a whistle, and 30 Fordham “help you move in” students cheered and descended on the car. In 10 minutes, what had taken me 4–5 hours to load was all unpacked and taken up to Anna’s room. It was such a relief to have so much help. It gave us plenty of time to help Anna set up her room and spend time together before my wife and I had to head back home. Anna’s move in was pretty different from Rachel’s first move-in day at Blacksburg. The biggest thing was that Blacksburg is seven hours away, whereas Fordham is only 1

He wanted his summer to last a bit longer so he could have more time hanging out with his crew, practicing the drums with his band, and having a great time at Boy Scouts camp. Now, even though he has the house to himself, he’s faced with homework and Mom and Dad asking him how his day at school was every day. Every year, we take a picture in front of the house as a family, and I’m always amazed by how much the kids have grown. I’m very proud of them, and I’m hoping that this school semester is the best for all three of them. Sam M. Gaylord

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