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finding your summer balance

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Finding Balance in Summertime Exercising

Why the Great Outdoors is So Great How to Reduce Summer Stress

6 The Importance of Staying Hydrated and Aligned 7 Introducing Chiropractic Care 8 Cool Off in the Summer Heat 9 Summertime Food to Help Beat the Heat 10 Lights! Camera! Action! Is the “Movie” of Your Life Going the Way You Want it To? 12 Thrivestyle Medicine Monthly Challenge 14 July Workout for Charity


Finding Balance in Summertime Exercising Thrive Restorative Fitness Team

It’s summer and time to enjoy what exercising has done for your overall health. But this time of year can also present unique challenges. Summer schedules, vacations and get-togethers can be obstacles to otherwise established healthy habits, while warmer temperatures, family gatherings and seasonal activities can play an increased and important role in enhancing exercise and helping us strike that balance. Your Thrive Restorative Fitness Team has tips to keep you feeling your best no matter what the summer has in store.


Continue To Prioritize Your Workouts Part of finding balance in your fitness schedule may be simply not getting “off balance” in the first place. Continuing to prioritize exercise when planning and scheduling other things can help you keep up with your fitness and even make the other things you do more enjoyable. Although it’s easy to let poolside picnics and Prosecco take over your summer free time, just be sure to keep some time devoted to your physical fitness.


Stay Hydrated Adequate hydration is crucial for your brain and body to function at optimal conditions. In the summer heat we don't realize how much more we’re affected before we are already dehydrated. And while an adult beverage or two can be festive and enjoyable, pace yourself with water or try a mocktail to take the place of a stronger beverage.

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Make Exercise A Family Activity Whether working out together or participating in a backyard game of volleyball, exercising together is a win-win. We benefit so much from meaningful social interaction, be it immediate family or close friends. What better way to build our fitness than when we’re building relationships at the same time!


Take a Walk Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and can be just as effective by yourself as it is with a friend or family member. Taking time for yourself or connecting with friends while on a walk around the neighborhood or on the beach can be another win-win for wellness. Avoid “Crunch Time” We all want to look our best in a swimsuit. Maybe that was even a goal at the beginning of the year. Whatever your perception of your fitness or where your beach body is, try to find some balance there as well and avoid the temptation to go on a frenzied Three-Minute Abs exercise program to try to get there now. True strength is built over time and through hard work.



Don’t Forget Your Skin Health Soak up the vitamin D, but protect yourself from the very dangerous effects that too much sun exposure can have on your skin. Wear sunscreen and reapply throughout the day.

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Why the Great Outdoors is So Great Dante Leone • DPT, OCS, DipACLM, CSCS • Physical Therapy Clinical Director

It’s summer, and a great time to get outside and experience all that our natural world has to offer. There are reasons we love to be outdoors, including a variety of health benefits. Remember that we evolved for much of human existence in nature, surrounded by water, trees, sunlight, etc. There are things we need to consider to keep us healthy while outdoors, but when we do, we can reap the benefits of our green environment. Studies have shown that those who live in areas with great access to green spaces and natural environments report less illness, as well as a better perception of general health and mental well-being.

Getting outdoors simply helps promote physical activity such as walking, swimming, hiking, and riding a bike, which is a leading health-promoting behavior. However, many of us keep ourselves stuck inside, and don’t take advantage of the health benefits our amazing planet provides for us.

Getting outside for 20 to 30 minutes of sunlight exposure each day provides us with sufficient vitamin D.

Another study showed that patients recovering from surgery who had a view of trees from their hospital room took fewer painkillers. People who spend more time outside also experience improved emotional well-being and are more resilient to negative stressors. Finally, getting outside is usually free and easily accessible. So this summer, grab a friend, or get your family, and head to the amazing outdoors. Take in all the colors and sounds. Experience the smells, feel the warmth of the sun, get your hands dirty. You will be uplifted and feel more connected.

Take a quiet walk in a natural setting. Take a beach stroll in the wee early hours.

Canoe or kayak in one of our many waterways. Enjoy the birds as you tend your garden.

Have a picnic with family and friends.

Grab your friend and go on a hike.

Try camping, even if it's in your backyard.

Plant some pollinator- friendly plants.

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How to Reduce Summer Stress Danielle Lambert • CMT • Director Of Massage Therapy

Happy summer, Thrive family! Is this the best time of year or what?! The kiddos are out of school, gatherings are happening, gardens are blooming and anytime is a good time to go to the beach. Along with fun in the sand, I love to work in the yard and the garden. I especially love all of the fresh fruits and veggies that come with it. Being in the sun for work or play is so beneficial for our mental health and a great way to stay grounded during this busy, fun-filled season. My all-time favorite thing is spending time with my husband, pups and extended family. With most kids out for summer break, it’s a great time to get the whole crowd together. We know how important cultivating meaningful relationships is to our overall health. We were made to be together! But trying to find time to fit in all the fun things can sometimes turn the joy of summer break in the other direction and bring on stress and anxiety.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the ever-growing list of places to be and people to see, consider booking a massage. Massage has been proven to: reduce stress and increase relaxation. improve immune function. reduce pain and muscle soreness and tension. improve circulation, energy and alertness while lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Massage is also beneficial if you’re just looking for a space to be quiet and still.

Feeling achy? Muscles sore? Joint pain? CBD massage to the rescue! 50% OFF CBD Oil Enhancement GOOD THRU 6.31

So how do we find balance as we try to pack everything and everyone in? The most important thing is that you do what works for you!

All of these things help me to stay connected to the ones I love (and to myself) through the wonderful chaos that is the summer season.

But my tried-and-true method for the summer — and all year round — is to continue to honor my self-care routine. I use my monthly massages as a check-in for my mind and body.

So go out there this summer and enjoy every drop of it. Your Thrive team will be here when you are ready for some down time.

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The Importance of Staying Hydrated and Aligned Josh Collingsworth • Doctor of Chiropractic

If you’re like me, summertime activities like barbecues, swim lessons and

vacationing can make it feel like your days are non-stop.

I try to balance out the season by being mindful of alternating between active and more relaxing events so I have a chance to fully enjoy the

season and — most importantly — get through it without injury or exhaustion. Two things I highly recommend keeping in mind... Stay hydrated!

In the full swing of summer, it is especially important to stay hydrated. Not only is that true for your overall bodily functions, but it’s important for your spine.

Without properly hydrated spinal discs, degeneration, instability, and eventually spinal decay can occur. When spinal health declines, so does central nervous system function, which communicates with every cell, organ, and system in the body. So, without adequate hydration, the health of the discs, spine, and even the body as a whole suffers. Keep your spine aligned! Misalignments and restrictions in the spine, known as subluxations, can negatively affect the vertebral disc rehydration process. Discs that aren’t properly hydrated means they’re not getting the nutrition they need. With regular chiropractic care, subluxations are removed and proper alignment is restored. With regular adjustments, you can help your body better absorb water and stay healthy.

Drink plenty of water this summer and visit Thrive Proactive Health when you need help keeping your spine aligned and healthy.

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Chiropractic Care NOW AVAILABLE AT THRIVE Chiropractic Care is more than just assuring you have good spinal alignment. Our Chiropractic approach at Thrive focuses on making sure your body is functioning as optimally as possible and supporting your nervous system. Since the nervous system is the most important system in the human body, it is important to have it checked periodically. The spine and nervous system are the pathways through which your brain and organs communicate. When there are misalignments or dysfunctions in the spine, it can cause pressure and irritation to the nerve roots that exit the spine, and then interfere with communication from your body to your brain. This will cause your brain to have an improper image of what is going on in your body. This interferes with the vital communications that are going on within your body causing pain, tension, illness and ailments that sap your energy and tax your health. Through precise and controlled techniques, adjustment to the vertebrae will put your backbone into proper alignment to relieve the interferences. The result is a reduction in swelling, blockages, and nerve stress, which allows the nervous system to function properly. By improving alignment, blood flow and nerve conductivity to joints and muscles, the body can facilitate its resilient self-healing properties and improve overall health.

Chiropractic Care is a safe and holistic service that takes your whole body into consideration. Gentle techniques can be used on pregnant women, the elderly, children, and even newborns.


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Cool Off in the Summer Heat Vivian Takafuji • Ph.D., L.Ac., Dipl. OM • Acupuncturist

Summer is the time of year that corresponds to the Fire element and when the seasonal energies are at their peak (the utmost “Yang”), according to Chinese medical theory. This is a time of joy as we are motivated to do more outdoor activities and have fun socializing together. The peak of the season brings about more activity and intensity. The Fire element corresponds to the energy of the Heart and the Mind/Spirit; it is important to prioritize a calm and cool demeanor since emotions are easily inflamed during this time.

Along with summer comes more heat, becoming “Summerheat” at the peak of the season when heat often mixes with “dampness” in the atmosphere (humidity). This external warmth can be welcome if one is cold-natured, but can be uncomfortable if there is already internal heat and/or dampness in the diagnostic picture. This could manifest as symptoms of fever, sweating, sinus congestion, headache,

anxiety/mania, insomnia or elevated blood pressure as the heat attempts to exit the body. Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs can be helpful to correct any heat imbalance before it becomes too problematic. A good rule of thumb is eat “cooler” foods during the summer, but try to do so in moderation. Introducing sudden or excessively cold food/drink can impair your digestion, especially if the function is already weakened. Instead of reaching for the ice, consider fruits and vegetables that are cooler by nature and better nourish the “Yin” energy that is often depleted with summertime heat. Examples include melons, apples, pears, pineapples, cucumbers and mint. Chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, barley and green teas are also helpful to disperse heat and calm the Spirit during the hot months. Avoid hot and spicy foods as they can quickly provoke heat symptoms. The Water element is the elemental balance to Fire. It makes sense that we naturally gravitate to the pool and the ocean when the heat outside reaches its maximum. Increase your water intake (room temperature to cool) or consider sipping on watermelon juice. My “go-to” is coconut water since it contains natural electrolytes to further prevent dehydration.

Limit your exposure to direct sunlight and monitor for signs of heat stroke and we can all stay cool in the summer!

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Summertime Food to Help Beat the Heat Michelle Hilliard • Certified Nutritionist • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Summer is fun and often filled with get-togethers with friends and family. Enjoy these memories, but don’t let them derail you from the healthy habits and lifestyle choices you have put into place. If you are going to a barbecue, bring a veggie tray, yummy salad, or fruit platter to share. You could ditch the bun and eat the burger on a lettuce wrap. Opt for the fresh watermelon for dessert versus the ultra-processed cake. Good news is, if you do indulge in some of the not- so-great stuff, you can always get back on track the following day.

If you need any help establishing new health and wellness habits, we have nutritional and lifestyle health coaching available for you at Thrive.

Cucumbers Watermelon Berries Lemons Limes Cantaloupe

Honeydew Mangos Peaches Plums Spinach Onions

Tomatoes Zucchini Cauliflower Broccoli Celery Cabbage

Your go-to list for healthy foods to help keep you refreshed, cooled down and hydrated this summer.

Curd Yogurt Coconut Water Bone broth

EASY, DELICIOUS and healthy, but don't tell them POPSICLE RECIPE

Here’s one of my favorites I make with my kiddos...

INGREDIENTS • Coconut water • Frozen berries of choice

DIRECTIONS • Fill popsicle molds with frozen berries • Top off with coconut water • Place in the freezer for a minimum of 5 to 6 hours • Remove and enjoy!

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Lights! Camera! Action! Is the “Movie” of Your Life Going the Way You Want it To? Jen Fedorowicz • E-RYT, Energy Codes B.E.S.T. Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master • Energy Medicine and Emotional Healing

I saw Top Gun: Maverick the first night it was in theaters. The sequel came out 36 years after the original, and for me it did not disappoint. (But I’ve always had a thing for Tom Cruise. ;-) This is not a movie review, but think about the last movie you saw. Or even better, think about a time when you were sitting in the theater watching a movie and it was horrible.

If you wanted to change what you were watching on the screen would you walk up to the screen to change it? No, those are just images being projected onto the screen from the movie projector. If you wanted to change the movie, you’d have to change it in the projector. Quantum science has shown that our lives are just like a movie. Each of us is a quantum being, so much more than a three-dimensional body living on Earth. And the life that we are living is being projected out through us. In other words, your life is your creation. And YOU have the power to change it in any way you like. Life is not happening t o you… You are creating your life!

Driven to make a positive difference in the world, Liv Labs provides foundational wellness products that help people live their best and most productive lives. Liv Labs products are derived from 100% organically-grown U.S. hemp—certified free of THC. By employing a proprietary engineering process, they preserve nearly all beneficial hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes while simultaneously eliminating unwanted compounds. This commitment to excellence from the ground up—from planting to harvest to extraction and through a comprehensive three-process purification system—allows Liv Labs products to offer unmatched quality and efficacy.

Thrive Now Carries Select Liv Labs Hemp-based Products

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This is the basis of my work. The study of bioenergetics is the study of the energy of the body. This energy is moving through us and is also around us. We are NOT separate entities walking around on the Earth — we are all connected to each other and the energetic field around the earth. The Energy Codes , The Field , The Divine Matrix , The Biology of Belief are just a few of the books that explain the field and our incredible power when we begin to understand our connection to it. Each one of us has the ability to master this energy of infinite possibility and to shift our lives in any way we desire. It all starts within. Think about your “movie” and something you’d like to change in your life. Maybe it’s your health, or a relationship. Maybe you’d like more abundance or joy. I promise you, if there is something you desire in your life, it is meant for you and you have the power to make it happen. For most of us, if it’s not happening the way we would like it to, it’s because there is interference from thoughts, beliefs and programs we have grown up with. We have accepted these beliefs and therefore keep creating the same life day after day and year after year because no one has taught us of our incredible power.

When you’re ready to step into your creative power, come see me for an energy session.

In the meantime, notice your thoughts. Everything comes to you through the power of your thoughts. And no one else can think your thoughts. Your movie can change at any time, it all starts within YOU.

OUR THRIVERS' EXPERIENCES... A client who broke her elbow and shoulder comes to Thrive for Physical Therapy, Massage and Energy Work. In a recent energy session, she had a lot of elbow and shoulder pain. Jen applied Liv Labs CBD balm on those painful joints (she’s tried CBD balm in the past and it hasn’t worked). At the end of the session, she was pleased to find she could move her arm around, pain-free. Research has shown that CBD works to mitigate stress, inflammation and brain fog. Another client shared that he has much more mental clarity on the days he takes the Liv Labs 2500.

Ask us how CBD products can help you.

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THRIVESTYLE MEDICINE MONTHLY CHALLENGE Each month, our Thrive team embarks on a challenge to improve our own health and wellness. This month’s challenge focuses on improving your habits around your vitality. We invite you to join us on our collective wellness journey.

Get Your Move On! Enhance Your Health With Movement and Physical Activity

Humans are made to move. However, modern technology and lifestyle has engineered movement out of our daily lives. Most of us are sedentary throughout the day, and require structured exercise to get our daily dose of movement.

How does movement benefit you? Movement keeps your joints moving, your muscles strong, and your tissues resilient to the physical demands of everyday life. It also helps you regulate blood sugar and insulin, control weight, it improves mood, boosts energy, and promotes better sleep.

How much equipment do we need? Movement does not have to be a complex exercise or done on expensive equipment.

Simply taking a walk each day can provide your body and mind with the movement “medicine” it needs. Better yet, find a friend or family member, and get moving together. Social connection around movement makes it more fun, and has been shown to improve sustainable behavior change.

How much movement do we need?

It’s recommended that you get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity movement each week. That breaks down to about 30 minutes, 5 days per week. However, there are increased health benefits with more time spent moving your body.

12 |

How do you start ? Take inventory of your current movement habits and record what a typical week currently looks like.

# of minutes spent doing physical activity

Intensity of those activities: low, moderate, vigorous

# of minutes/ hours sitting

Describe any strength or resistance training you do

Describe usual physical activity








Make a plan to increase your physical activity to ensure you are getting the minimum of 150 minutes per week .

Intensity of those activities: low, moderate, vigorous

Describe your activity ask a friend or family member to join you

# of minutes spent doing physical activity








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to benefit

Help, Healing, and Hope for All Children

SATURDAY, JULY 30 3 SESSIONS TO CHOOSE FROM 8:00 am • 9:15 am • 10:30 am $ 25 WORKOUT DONATION 100% of proceeds go to CHKD.

REGISTER TO ATTEND • (757) 829.7174


They’re the BEST crew I’ve ever dealt with, and I’m a walking accident, so I’ve had PLENTY of experience with PTs! + CARINA R.

Always awesome here at Thrive! Everyone helps. I’m so glad I broke my arm and pelvis so I could meet them all! + CAROLYN C.

Great staff. Excellent energy upon entry. I made the right choice. Kate Thurston is a true professional dedicated to her profession. My first visit I was able to release much tension from my headaches that I have suffered from for years with pill after pill. Thigh pain loosened from pinched nerves. She is just exceptionally gifted at what she does. Whatever you are paying her is not enough. Needed to add: Been suffering from headaches for years with medication. One head and neck massage treatment with KATE THURSTON has given me relief that I have not felt in years. Looking forward to the next treatment!!! Thank you, Kate . + WESS L.

Amazing practitioners and friendly front desk. Easy to schedule. + EMILY G.

I thought it was very professional and the tech was knowledgeable. It was my first cupping. I will go back. I love a massage so I can't wait to get one. + DONALD D .

I felt better right away and the service was great. + PADRAIC D. GENERAL MANAGER, ONELIFE FITNESS

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your healing, health and wellness journey! If you enjoyed the content in this magazine or loved your service from Thrive Proactive Health, we’d love to hear from you:

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